Finding a good watch is both easier and harder than ever before. More and more designers are recognizing the appeal of a beautifully designed watch, and so they are offering great designs to you. The problem is, these watches are usually offered with a high price tag. You want a stylish watch, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a timepiece.

The other problem is that many watches are too over designed for your tastes. You want a classic watch that has a minimalist and timeless appeal. That’s why Seventeenth Watches have created a range that offers minimalist watches at great prices. Here’s why they’re offering some of the best watches on the market right now.



Best Affordable Watch Brands

When it comes to affordable watch brands, you can’t do much better than Seventeenth Watches. They’re offering some stunning watches without the steep prices. The founders of the company recognise the importance of a good watch. They believe everyone deserves to be able to have a little piece of luxury on their wrist. That’s why on their website, you’ll see all kinds of watches, many coming in at under a hundred dollars. It seems to be too good to be true, but it really isn’t.

Take a look at their online catalog , and you’ll see there’s something for everyone. There are men’s, women’s, and unisex watches on there so you’re bound to find something you’d like. There are lots of designs in multiple colors too, so you can pick out a watch that comes in different colors to suit your mood. With the low price point, there’s no reason why you couldn’t pick up a couple should the mood strike you.

Who Are Seventeenth Watches 

Seventeenth Watches is a notable brand, as they’re a U.S. veteran owned company that puts the customer first. They were started up by Chris Johnson, who served seven years in the United States Army. He picked up an interest in luxury watches as he traveled around the world with the army, collecting watches as he went.

As he traveled, he realised that there was no one ‘luxury’ watch out there. Everyone’s ideas of a good luxury watch was different, and so there were lots to choose from as he moved around. Because of this, he realized that watches aren’t just timepieces. They’re actually a shared language, one that goes deeper than a spoken language.

On the flight home, he designed his very first watch, the Muse. This watch was the beginning of the Seventeenth Watches brand. More watches have come since then, but they have all retained that same minimalist appeal that the original was designed with.

In the years since, Seventeenth Watches have stood by their motto, ‘Time Is The Only Luxury’. Everyone deserves to have a true luxury timepiece, and with their watches you can get one of your very own.

Men’s Rose Gold Watch

There’s no denying that rose gold has taken the world by storm. It offers a new, warmer take on the classic gold, and is hugely popular in jewelry and of course, watches right now. It’s been around for years now, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

If you’re looking for a men’s rose gold watch, then Seventeenth Watches has you covered. They have several options that come in rose gold, so you can pick the one that fits you best.

The Seventeenth Muse is the first watch designed for the company, and it offers up a simple design that will look amazing for years to come. The rose gold watch case perfectly offsets the simple watch face, which is white with a blue border. Rose gold numerals accent the watch face, tying everything together. You can also pick the watch strap, choosing from a regular or white leather option.

There’s also the Seventeenth Blue and White Watches. As the name suggests, the watch faces are either blue or white, depending on which one you pick.  It’s then finished off with a rose gold case and mesh strap, which should fit most wrists. You’ll also have three chronographs on the watch face, as well as a date indicator, so you’re ready for anything.

If you want something a little bolder, there’s the Sonder watch. This features a jet black face, that will pack a real punch when you pair it with any outfit. Like the Blue and White watches, this comes with the rose gold case and mesh strap, which pairs so well with the black styling. There’s also the three chronographs and date indicator, so you’ll get so much with this watch. The Sonder also comes in a white faced edition, with a blue leather stingray strap.


Buying Your Own Luxury Watch

These options all look fantastic, and you’re convinced that a luxury watch is for you. There’s so much choice though, so how do you decide which watch is for you? There are a few things to consider when choosing yours, to ensure you get the watch that’s best suited to your needs.

Mechanics: When looking at watches, look at how they operate. A quartz watch will keep running on it’s own, with minimal intervention from you. Other mechanics will need servicing from time to time, which of course will cost more in the long run. The upside to this is if you keep the watch serviced, it should run for decades without a problem. This is important to keep in mind as you choose a watch.

Style and materials: When picking a watch, you’ll see there’s so many materials to choose from. For the watch case itself, stainless steel is popular as it’s a tough material that can take a beating. If you like your watches to look lived in, that’s going to be the watch for you. Titanium is another popular option as it gives you the same properties as stainless steel, but is more lightweight and hypo-allergenic.

Gold is another classic option, whether you choose the regular gold or the stylish rose gold option. These materials develop a patina over time, creating a unique look to you. If you want a watch that won’t show scuffs over time, you’ll see that ceramic watches are becoming more and more popular. These watches are scratch resistant so they’ll always look fresh.

Then there’s the strap. At Seventeenth Watches you’ve seen that you have several options when it comes to the strap. Leather is a very popular option, as it comes in many colors and is a durable material. Mesh straps are also popular as they’ll match the color of the watch case, perfect if you want a matching look. You can even get a rugged nylon strap, to ensure it’ll last for years to come.

Features: If you want fun and functional features, you’ll get them in luxury watches. Seventeenth Watches offer everything you would expect, such as chronographs making them perfect for those who need a timer right there on their wrist. There’s also date indicators, and multiple time zone indicators. These are an excellent option for frequent flyers.

There are other options that are less ‘functional’, but look cool and really add to the appeal of the watch. For example, you could get a moon phases indicator on your watch. It looks amazing and is a real talking point.

Maker: You’ve got to do your research on the company making your watch, too. Do their watches appreciate in value? That’s important if you want your watch to become an heirloom down the line. The brand you choose says a lot about you, too. If you pick an established brand, such as a Rolex, that displays your tastes without saying a word. There’s the option to buy from smaller stores, such as Seventeen Watches, too. These are often the best makers as they’re less expensive, more creative, and of course more accessible.

Customer reviews: These days it’s so much easier to buy a luxury watch, as you can check out reviews of watches online. You’ll see that on most watch seller’s sites, such as Seventeenth Watches, there are reviews for every watch. These are straight from the customer, so you know that they’re honest in what they say. Take a look at the reviews for any watch that catches your eye, to ensure you’re getting just what you want.

Warranties: You’ll also want to see if the watch you’re buying comes with a warranty. For example, all Seventeenth Watches come with a warranty, as they’re so confident in the watches they make. If anything isn’t as it should be with your watch, then you can ask them to take it back and make things right. It’s important to have this, as it gives you more confidence when investing in a watch.

Seventeenth Watches offers you everything you need in a luxury watch. They’re well designed, offer all the features you want, and look amazing. Plus, the pricing is second to none. You’ll see everything you want in their range of watches.


Men’s Watches Under 100

As you’ve seen now, there are lots of options at Seventeenth Watches no matter what you’re looking for in a watch. When you take a look at the range, you’ll be astounded at how many of those watches are priced at under $100. Many believe that you can’t get a good watch for that price, but you would be surprised here.  Seventeenth Watches are dedicated to creating well made timepieces that will stand the test of time. That means their style is classic, but it also means those watches are made to the highest specifications.

The company truly believe that everyone should be able to own a luxury timepiece if they want one. Is a timepiece really luxury if it costs under $100. Absolutely. The luxury comes from the intricate design and attention to detail, rather than the price tag. You’ll see all of their watches are excellent, even the ones that come in at under $100.


A Luxury Watch For Less

As Seventeenth Watches says, ‘time is the only luxury’, and you’ll have seen this with their designs. They have created watches that give you everything that you would see with higher priced brands. You get the same materials, same features, and same excellent design. If you buy with them, you’ll get the watch you want without having to break the bank.


They believe it’s time everyone was able to get the luxury watch they want. Their watches are a cut above as they have the same excellent design without the steep prices. You’ll also see that being a smaller company, they’re free to create more unique designs. You’ll be able to find a watch that’s truly you.


Best Minimalist Watches

As you’ve seen, Seventeenth Watches are offering some of the best minimalist watches out there. They know that everyone is different, and that’s why they’re creating watches that are all a little different, so you can pick the one that suits you best. There’s even variations in the watches they make, so you can pick a different strap or watch face to suit your wardrobe or mood. As they’re all so inexpensive, you can even pick up several so you’ll always have a watch to match.



If you thought that a minimalist luxury watch was out of your price range, you now know that you’re actually able to get the perfect watch for you. A minimalist watch goes with almost everything, and is the perfect watch for daily wear. Take a look at the watches at Seventeenth Watches, and you’re bound to find one that speak to you.