Should Tyson Fury Be Wary of forgotten Deontay Wilder? 

Deontay Wilder will decide Tyson Fury’s future after his return to enforcing a fight that is embellished with a stern warning from heavyweight boxing history.

The British fighter had spent the last 7 months trying to forget Deontay Wilder, to the extent of defying boxing’s powerbrokers by announcing on his own his undisputed world heavyweight title fight against fellow Brit Anthony Joshua, with casino Australia looking forward to the fight.


As far as Fury he was concerned, Wilder was no longer in the picture, a forgotten story, apart from when he aimed the jibes occasionally in the direction of Wilder.

Deontay Wilder had been exiled to the division’s wasteland after his failure to agree to a trilogy fight, an unwanted piece of work for the WBC king Tyson Fury.

But earlier in the week, a judge, Daniel Weinstein, thought differently following a long arbitration and has now ordered Tyson Fury to honour a contracted trilogy agreement with Deontay Wilder before 15th September.


Whether Deontay Wilder will be well compensated, a step-aside arrangement to allow an all-Brit fight first remains to be seen, but the former Heavyweight champion will get a chance to avenge his loss.

Cautionary stories about heavyweight fighters who tempt disaster with ambitious plans are not difficult to find.


Perhaps, Lennox Lewis saw his old domain with a shake of the head, having encountered the pitfalls and pain before regaining his world heavyweight titles with his right fist.

Hasim Rahman had attempted to shun the call of the Londoner for a rematch, having won the IBF and WBC crowns with a surprise one-punch knockout.


Rahman was instantly rewarded with a new deal from Promotion outfit, Don King, who had great plans to stage a world heavyweight title defence in Beijing, China.

But a federal judge then ruled that Hasim Rahman had to honour a rematch clause in the contractual deal and Lewis would reclaim his titles a few months after with a ‘no mercy’ demolition of Rahman in Las Vegas.


Why should British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury be bothered about such fearful tales? He will have just a little fear of Deontay Wilder after leaving a lasting dent on the ‘Bronze Bomber’s reputation with a punishing stoppage victory, with odds being provided by jeux de casino enligne.

But an unwanted trilogy fight with American carries hidden perils for Tyson Fury, so exorbitantly dressed recently that shows that perhaps his mind was already on a huge bout with Anthony Joshua.


Wilder’s shock return offers an irritating task that will need another flawless performance from Tyson Fury against a boxer who can quench consciousness at any time.

He knows what must be done in a third bout, but so does Deontay Wilder.

Maybe now is the time for the Brits to remember Wilder – a vicious challenger that he worked so hard to forget about him.


Last year, Tyson Fury told Sky Sports: “It only takes one punch off Deontay Wilder,”.

“Still a very dangerous opponent, still a very hungry man, who is coming in there to prove his worth, to prove he can come back and become a two-time heavyweight champion.

“More dangerous than the last fight, for sure.”