TikTok is currently among the fastest-growing social media networks. Statistics reveal that this video-sharing app had more than 738 million downloads by 2019. This increasing number of downloads make it rank among the top apps on the App Store and Google Play globally. But, why is TikTok gaining its increasing popularity so fast?

Well, TikTok is largely about sharing short videos. So far, many teens have become online celebrities by sharing short, funny videos. This has prompted other celebrities and ordinary people to flock to this app in a bid to promote their personas online.

But, creating a TikTok account and making it popular are two different things. People follow the TikTok accounts that share the videos they like. When you share a new video on TikTok, the app shows a snippet of it to other users among the other videos that they watch. The TikTok algorithm determines the number of times that other users watch, like, comment, share, and download your video.

If a video has more engagements at the beginning, the TikTok algorithm shows it to other users. It also increases the discoverability of your page. As such, you must be creative and persistent with your content to make your account popular organically.

However, some people want to have popular TikTok accounts overnight. To achieve this, they buy TikTok followers, likes, and views. But, is this the right way to go? Does it put your TikTok account at risk?

How the TikTok Algorithm Works

To understand why you shouldn’t buy TikTok followers, likes, and views, you need to know how the algorithm of this video-sharing app works. TikTok shares some similarities with Instagram. The follower-to-engagement ratio is one of these similarities.

When a TikTok account has many followers, the app expects it to have a higher content interaction ratio. The TikTok algorithm will detect that you have bought followers if your account has a massive following but low content interaction ratio.

So, if you buy TikTok followers, you should also purchase engagements. A genuine account is unlikely to have up to 10,000 followers and 4 likes only. Thus, if you buy followers, they must be active and interested in the kind of videos that you share on the app. This will show TikTok that your account has genuine followers.

Why You Should Not Buy TikTok Followers

A major reason to join any social media network is to interact with the target audience or market. You also want to use your numbers in the network to gauge the competitiveness of your brand. Therefore, starting from scratch and growing your TikTok account is the best way to get the real picture in terms of the performance of your brand on this platform.

Although you might be tempted to purchase TikTok followers, the move can have adverse effects on your brand and account. Essentially, people should find you on this social media platform organically. Your followers should be people that are genuinely interested in your content.

If you buy random followers, they may not be interested in your videos and this will affect your engagements negatively. Consequently, the TikTok algorithm might detect that you bought followers and this will affect your account negatively. Other reasons why you should not buy TikTok followers include the following.

You Must Buy a Complete Package

For your followers to appear legit, you must purchase a package that provides fans, likes, and views. That’s because purchasing followers alone won’t guarantee engagements. Therefore, you must buy TikTok likes, shares, and views. Essentially, you must buy followers that are genuinely interested in your content and active on this social network.

You Must Engage with Your Audience

Buying TikTok followers alone won’t make your account popular. You must know the kind of videos they like watching, create, and share it continuously. What’s more, you must always engage with the audience. That’s the only way you will win the hearts of your followers, as well as, get more shares and downloads for your videos.

Buying Followers Might Affect Your Future Marketing

Organic followers and bought followers are not easy to differentiate. As such, false metrics can confuse you down the road. Buying TikTok followers won’t give your brand the right metrics. Growing your TikTok following organically is the best way to get accurate customer metrics. And this is very important for your marketing strategies in the future.

TikTok Rules Can Change

It’s impossible to guarantee that the rules that TikTok uses to rank accounts won’t change. Other social networks have changed their rules before. As such, buying followers, likes, and views carries the risk of having your account banned if TikTok changes its rules. Thus, buying TikTok followers might seem safe now but it comes with some risks.

The Best Way to Grow Your TikTok Account

Getting more TikTok followers, likes, and views organically is the best way to grow your account. However, this requires commitment. You must understand the different ranking factors and come up with a clearly mapped out TikTok strategy. Create a complete TikTok profile. Make it interesting, thoughtful, and detailed.

After that, focus on creating high-quality content. Analyze your content continuously to know the kind of videos that your fans want to watch and engage with. Keep creating the videos that your fans find interesting continuously.

Additionally, include relevant hashtags in your videos to enhance their visibility. Also, use the right tools to discover trending concepts and content. And, be continuously active to enhance the ranking of your content and account by the algorithm of this social network.

Get Professional Help to Grow Your TikTok Account Organically

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