Should you Invest in Automatic Car Park Barriers?

Security is an integral part of any business, to any city, and definitely to any country. In today’s world, we have witnessed an increased level of security breaches, and that’s why you need to upgrade by investing in an automatic car park barrier to prevent unauthorized access.

Below are examples of automatic car park barriers and reasons why you need to invest in acquiring one if not all. Keep in mind that automatic parking lot barriers are complicated and you may need to consult with an expert to get them installed and perfectly maintained.

Drop Arm Gates

You’ve probably encountered drop arm gates several times when accessing shopping malls and office buildings. Drop arm gates restrict access to persons with access code or card. Drivers simply need to tap their card on the display machine next to the entrance to gain access.

For new visitors, security personnel are always there to help ensure they have a valid access request. You can never be careful, especially with several acts of terrorism targeting malls and office buildings.

Crash Beam Barriers

Crash beam barriers are useful for vehicles that have forced their way into an unauthorized space. The barriers are crashed test and blast-proof for any terrorist attack. In case such a scenario comes to play crash been barriers can be activated to render the vehicle immobile.

Road Blockers

You’ve probably seen yellow zebra lines on a driveway, and you wondered what they are meant to do. Well, those yellow lines are road blockers and can be raised to stop a vehicle from proceeding further into a restricted area. Road Blockers are designed in a variety of widths to suit specific site requirements, with a blocking segment height to securely controlling vehicle access.

Sliding Gates

Though it is automatic, sliding gates require a human attendant to be present keeping watch. This is because when the gate opens, more than two vehicles may rush to access the premises if the gate is not monitored. They are effective for private car park areas to prevent unauthorized access.

Usually, the attendant has to verify the incoming vehicle before opening the sliding gate. However, other methods with the right gate automation supplies don’t require a human attendant but an access code or card and remote monitoring to grant access to an incoming vehicle.

Retractable Bollards

Retracted bollards are automatic car park barriers that are fixed on the ground and can be remotely raised-up the ground to restrict movement and retracted down to allow access. They are popular with private streets, plazas, parking lots and even driveways. Retractable bollards have been effective in preventing car jerking or escape by a vehicle by popping up in front of a driveway.

Benefits of Automated Car Park Barriers

Installing automatic parking lot barriers lowers the overall costs associated with hiring more staff to manage your parking lot. Though there will be workers required to handle occasional issues, the parking lot equipment can successfully run itself. Another benefit of using these systems is that they can provide important data for your business.

Most clients who use parking lots complain about the delays on entering or exiting these parking lots and identifying a good parking lot. All these issues can be addressed if you install a reliable automatic car parking lot barriers.