Should you rent a GPU based deep learning machine?

One day, any machine learning expert begins to notice processing latency. It can occur due to the fact that new tasks may have a large number of training sets. Ordinary machines need a lot of time to analyze them.

Therefore, every person, who is interested in the subject of machine learning, knows that it requires many different tools, especially when it comes to deep learning.

Deep learning includes work with neural networks. They are triggered by a large number of input parameters, and their correlation and calculation are difficult enough. In this case, the calculations are carried out in parallel between simple interconnected processors. Developers tried to make this procedure similar to the transfer of information between the human brain’s neurons. Here are some examples of their usage:

  • recognizing faces in different photos;
  • photo searches;
  • word searches;
  • making verbal descriptions of photos.

So, as you may have guessed long ago, the deep learning stage of the model is the most resource-intensive task for any neural network. There is an explanation for this. During training, the network receives input data, processes them, and after these actions, the prediction is outputted.

In general, each of these operations reminds of matrix multiplication. It doesn’t sound that complicated. However, if your neural network has 10 million parameters, instead of, for example, 50,000 it will be impossible to do. This would literally take years for a normal computer to handle this process. This is exactly the kind of project that requires a good server. However, what is a GPU server, and what are its benefits?

Why should we choose GPUs?

As you know, the only way to accelerate the learning process is to do all the operations not one by one but all at once, that is exactly what a GPU is able to help you with.

It’s a specialized processor with dedicated memory used for extensive graphical and mathematical computations that release CPU cycles for other tasks. Moreover, the GPU for deep learning is smaller in comparison to the CPU but basically, it has more logical cores.

So, we are able to conclude that GPUs are inherently best-optimized equipment for model learning because they have the following features:

  • сan do multiple calculations in parallel.
  • have a large number of cores.
  • able to process huge amounts of data.
  • have a good bandwidth.

Is it worth using?

It couldn’t be the only reply about the relevance of this equipment. It is necessary to consider the trade-offs between speed, reliability, and cost. So, if your neural network is relatively small, you can work without a graphic processor, using an ordinary CPU. However, if your network is connected with a huge amount of different calculations that consist of thousands of parameters, you should think about purchasing or renting the GPU-based server seriously.

Generally, such processors are the safest hardware for fast machine learning, because model learning consists of simple mathematical calculations with matrices. If the calculations are performed in parallel, the speed of processes may be increased significantly.

How much does a GPU server rent cost?

Now let’s talk about price. As you know, renting servers with graphic processor units or buying them will cost you quite a large amount of money. That’s why, if you understand that your project may cope with its usual tasks with the help of an ordinary CPU, there is absolutely no point in overpaying.

However, in case you have already thought about it and come to the conclusion that you need something really powerful, leave your doubts. If you are looking for the best GPU for deep learning, pay attention to nVidia products. In terms of their characteristics and performance, the investment in these machines is fully justified.

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