Most of us will want to reap from the galore of money making opportunities offered through online affiliate marketing. So what is Online Affiliate Marketing? It is a revenue-sharing venture between an online merchant and a website owner. The website owner will place ads on his websites to either send potential buyers to the merchant’s website or to help sell the merchant’s products, all in exchange for a share of the profits. As good as it sounds unfortunately, affiliate marketing is not all bed and roses. It takes time and tenacity to succeed in affiliate marketing and that is what our guest Simon András Péter, a.k.a Simon the Sorcerer, the Founder of Simon’s Online Marketing Kft has done.

He is one of the success stories not just in affiliate marketing but in a Niche few in the affiliate marketing business dare to venture in like, online gambling, legal highs, and entheogens, binary options, Viagra, duty-free online shopping,  self-defense and firearms.


So how did he do it?

First off, Simon sharpened his skills as an online marketer in one of the leading life insurance companies in Europe. Later Simon worked as a freelancer and as an online marketing manager for some remarkable companies based in the UK and US. With enough experience under his belt, Simon then decided to put his skills to the test and launched his own B2C online marketing agency.

His aim was to create ethical blogs for difficult niches as earlier mentioned above, particularly those which were prohibited from most forms of advertising. Also because Simon made his debut from scratch and in a saturated market, the online world of affiliate marketing was uncommonly tough on the young entrepreneur.  However, Simon’s business stabilized after managing to soak up daunting pressure for two years. As the years went by Simon’s company made progress despite taking up difficult niches for work. This is because he incorporated safe, credible and genuine methods of providing information to his visitors.

Statistically speaking many companies fail within the first two years and the number would be higher if you consider the first five years. Simon says in order to succeed in the online stream of work you must have adequate knowledge, ideas and capital, experience, dedication and tenacious drive to achieve excellence.

Simon is considered a guru in the abstract niches of online affiliate marketing. So if you have any queries, go to his blog and you are most certainly going to find useful information on online gambling, legal highs just to name a few.