Sip in Style: Why a Premium Portable Blender is Now a Must-Have Accessory

Between juggling work, family, and social commitments, it can be challenging to find time for preparing healthy meals in our fast-paced lives. As a result, many of us overlook our health and well-being in favour of convenience. But what if there was a better option?

Portable Blenders create an unprecedented convergence between health and convenience, so it’s no surprise they’ve become a recent sensation. These compact devices can help you create nutritious smoothies, shakes, and other blended beverages on the go, without sacrificing time or health. Whether you’re rushing to work in the morning or running between errands, a portable blender can provide a fast and easy way to get the nutrients you need, without resorting to unhealthy options.

Australian-based company SmartBlend takes things a step further by offering premium portable blenders, a much-welcomed alternative to the cheap and ubiquitous plastic products currently on the market. These blenders are made with a high-quality borosilicate glass and metal construction, providing for a refined look, and ensuring durability and resistance to temperature changes.


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It’s easy to see the convenience these gadgets can bring to your life, but here are some other reasons you probably need a portable blender:

1. Macros: With a portable blender, you can easily keep track of calories in and out, which is essential for many in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply looking to increase your daily nutrient intake, a portable blender can help you achieve your health goals.

2. Cost-effective: Eating out or buying pre-made smoothies can quickly add up, making it an expensive habit. With a portable blender, you can make your own healthy drinks at home for a fraction of the cost.

3. Versatility: Portable blenders are not just for smoothies and protein shakes. You can also use them to make sauces, dips, and soups, making them a versatile addition to any kitchen.

4. Eco-friendly: High-end portable blenders are made with durable materials like borosilicate glass, which does not leech plastic into your drink and allows for years of reliable use. Choosing a portable blender over single-use plastic bottles or cups from your local smoothy shop is no-doubt a more sustainable choice for the environment.

5. Stylish: Premium portable blenders can also add a touch of style to your kitchen. With an elegant design, and a variety of bright and attractive colours to choose from, these blenders can complement any kitchen decor. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more playful and colourful design, there’s a portable blender for you. Plus, their compact size makes them easy to store and display on your countertop without taking up too much space.

6. Cleaning: Portable blenders are not only great for their convenience, but they also excel in the cleaning department. Because of their compact design, they can easily self-clean by blending water and dish soap. Unlike traditional bulky blenders, portable blenders have fewer parts that need cleaning and can easily be taken apart for thorough cleaning.

Premium portable blenders, like those from SmartBlend, stand out from the cheap options currently flooding the market. While other manufacturers prioritize profit over the well-being of their customers, the SmartBlend team is dedicated to producing high-quality blenders that are both durable and efficient. Unlike the knockoff designs that are mass-produced, our blenders are crafted with the customer in mind. We utilize top-of-the-line materials, such as stainless steel, and high-borosilicate glass, to ensure that our blenders will last for years to come.

You’re probably wondering, is a portable blender as convenient to use as it looks… Rest assured; it is. Here are some simple steps for use:

  1. Flip the blender upside down and unscrew the motor.
  2. Add your desired ingredients to the glass jug.
  3. Attach the motor to the jug and ensure that it is securely fastened.
  4. Press the power button to start blending. Slowly tilt the blender back to upright. The powerful motor will blend even tough ingredients like ice or frozen fruits in just a few seconds.
  5. Once your drink is ready, flip the blender upside down again, detach the motor from the jug and remove the lid.
  6. Our double-sided jug means you can sip directly from the jug without needing to pour into another container. This way you don’t have to cart around the motor, and you save yourself washing up!

When you’re done, simply fill the container with some water (add a dash of detergent if required). Screw the motor back on and blend for a few seconds. A quick rinse and your blender will be ready to go again.

I thought it would be fitting to leave you with one of my personal favourite recipes, given I practically live off this thing now. I call this one the ‘Power Punch’.

  • A dash of full-cream milk
  • Half a cup of water
  • One scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • A spoon of oats
  • Half a banana
  • And finally, half a cup of frozen berries

Give it a shot! You won’t be disappointed.

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