At 3D Hubs, all phases of 3D mechanical part customization and construction are possible. From the initial concept design consultation to the supervised 3D prototype construction, all orders are achieved in-house by industry-leading CNC Machining.

CNC Machining offers limited and extensive engineers access to the best in production technology. The CNC service works similar to any at-home printer; once the CNC machine retrieves the outlined design, the information is sent to one of 3D Hubs’ CNC systems for printing. Within five minutes of submitting the order, a physical product is being manufactured. No intermediary is necessary; ensuring that prototypes and finished products, trade as few hands as possible before getting to the customer.

3D Hubs CNC service offers customers precision with the use of CNC milling, surface finishing, and CNC turning.

Materials, Services, and Finishes Offered

Metal: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass

Plastics: ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon

Finishes: Standard (As Is; machined), Smooth, Bead Blasted, Anodized Color or Clear (type II), Anodized Hardcoat (type III), Powder Coated, Electropolished, Black Oxide, Brushing.

Standard tolerances are available although tight tolerance is only available upon request.

Customers have the opportunity to add product marking to their order. Options include tagging, silk screening, and laser engraving.

Using 2M+ parts production as a reference, price quotes can be achieved within minutes of submitting an order request.

Once the design concept and price have been agreed upon, production will begin immediately according to the customer’s noted specifications. For convenience, a history of current and prior orders are easily accessible at any time on the online database. 

Price Checklist

There is also a price reduction checklist available to help assist customers with making cost-efficient decisions.

Before committing to any quoted order price, engineers can skim through 15 detailed designing tips. Some of these tips include selecting the right materials, minimizing tolerance to only vital areas, keeping hole construction and length to the bare minimum, and reducing the number of setups. The booklet is free with any consultation.

Know The Real-Time Order Status

The customer uploads their product design, and the CNC service does the rest. With real-time order tracking, the customers will have the opportunity to follow every aspect of production. When production has completed, mechanical parts are inspected according to ISO2859 guidelines for batch orders, and strict tests are ran on all finished products.

These in-depth product inspection reports are included in all orders, and can be reviewed upon arrival. 


The process is quick, stress-free, and easy to do. Location is no longer an issue when it comes to product manufacturing. 3D Hubs’ 3D printing service has a global network of ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities, knowledgeable about NDA manufacturing requirements and available regardless of the time zone. 

Once a stringent quality assessment has been implemented, and all involved are satisfied with the result, customers can expect their parts shipped within a few days of production.