Sling training currently leaves a lasting impression on many athletes because it trains the interaction of many muscle groups. Those who find the workout with conventional equipment and dumbbells too boring should get acquainted with this new training method, which can also be done via virtual personal training. It not only offers a change from the normal daily routine in the gym, but is also highly effective. Today we would like to introduce you to sling training in detail and explain why we recommend it for beginners and advanced users alike.

How does it work?

The principle of sling training is uncomplicated: Ropes and slings are used. Your own body weight serves as training resistance. The slings effectively use gravity and the resulting instability to create an effective training stimulus. The body has to constantly balance and stabilize itself, which appeals to numerous muscle groups all at once. This is why loop training ensures a functional full-body workout.

What effects can be achieved with it?

Sling training promotes coordination, strength, endurance, mobility and balance. The trained muscle groups are strengthened by isolated and integrated training. Sling training is particularly suitable for strengthening the trunk muscles, but since it is a functional training, you will feel and see the effects everywhere.

Where can you do sling training?

With the Sling Trainer you can train almost everywhere. Whether at home, in the studio or on the road. There are no limits to your imagination. The only thing you need is a higher fixed point to which the loop can be attached. Climbing frames, trees, pull-up bars, etc. are suitable for this. Of course, you can also use a built-in ceiling or wall attachment at home or in the studio. You can find some pretty good material here:


With the help of sling training you can transform your body and achieve noticeable results. In addition, the equipment is easy to handle, space-saving and inexpensive to purchase. Sling trainers also allow you an enormous variety of exercises. Which other device that fits in your sports bag can train so many muscle groups at once?