Slots are the most popular game type in online casinos

If you’ve ever been in a traditional casino, you have sure seen the long line of different kind of slot machines blinking colorful lights and advertising megalomaniac jackpots. Worlds biggest casinos in U.S and in Europe have thousands of different kinds of slots in their in their range, so players really have options where to choose.

Modern online casinos offer an alternative to traditional casinos. You don’t have to move a meter from your couch and spinning is possible from the rush hour bus if you wish so. More and more players choose online casinos instead of traditional casinos because of the huge game selections – not forgetting the chance to get some great bonuses, like free spins and deposit bonuses. It’s even more significant now to choose real money slots so that people get benefited monetarily too.

In online casinos you won’t obviously see a long line of old school slot machines but offering casino services in the internet has a lot of pros: – the game selection won’t be limited due the size of the casino hall, just to mention one. Best online casinos offer wide selection of classic fruit & sevens slots and dozens of interesting video slots with amazing extra features.


Blackjack, roulette and baccarat are always in fashion

Video slots might be the hottest thing in online casinos right now, but traditional table games never go out of style either. Actually – game selection won’t be perfect until at least few different kinds of Roulettes and Blackjacks has been added.

Slots are fairly new invention in gambling history, but some of the oldest table game has been played for centuries already. First signs of Blackjack have been traced back to the 18th century, so you just can’t drop these games out of your game lobby.

Unlike easy-going slots, most of the table games require at least some basic knowledge of the rules. Especially when playing blackjack, it’s possible to increase the chances of winning with optimal strategy. Luckily nowadays it’s super easy to find information from the internet and there’s a lot of gaming-focused websites, like From these sites you can find the rules of different table games and advises how to minimize the losses.


Live casino offers new kind of gambling experience

Few years ago, even many gambling professionals said, that live casinos will never break trough in online gambling. Well, that turned out to be a completely wrong prediction and nowadays many players choose live games instead of slots.

In live casinos you can experience the same kind of atmosphere than in traditional casinos. Game is shown as a live stream from the game providers studio and real croupier is leading the game. Players can communicate via chat with the dealer and other players, so live games also bring a new social perspective to gambling.

Live casinos offer variety of different kind of game types, but obviously slot you won’t find there. Table games as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette are super popular and both Evolution Gaming and NetEnt – the biggest studios in the live gaming field – offer a great selection of different variations.

Evolution Gaming is also well known for its great innovations like Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Deal or no Deal. These games you can find from almost every casinos game lobby and they are worth of giving a shot for sure!


Spinning is possible free of charge also

The main point of playing casino games is obviously to win tons of cash to make it possible to resign from work and retire, right? Unfortunately, this happens quite rarely and for most of us gambling is just a way to relax and maybe get some nice extra cash every now and then.

Sometimes it can be relaxing enough just to watch those reels spinning and “play” with a bet you couldn’t afford in real life. Luckily this is possible too – most of the online casinos offers players opportunity to play games in the demo mode as well.

When you play in the demo mode all the winnings are play money obviously, so it’s not possible to withdraw any money to your bank account. If you wish to play for free and still get to withdraw some winnings, you can try your luck with free spins!


Playing with BankID makes gambling easier than ever

Whether you are a fan of slots or classical table games, online casinos bring these games to you wherever you are. As long as you have a laptop or a mobile device with decent internet connection you can chase some big winnings anytime.

Nowadays gambling in online casinos is even more simple than ever before, because of the latest innovation. There’s a lot of great sites where you can play slots and table games without even registering an account!

New Pay’n Play casinos are getting more and more popular especially in Nordic countries like Sweden, Finland and Norway. Deposit is simply made using Trustly as a payment method, so players identity can be verified upon the deposit.

In these casinos there’s no need to wait withdrawals to be approved hours or even several days. Winnings are sent to players bank account within a few minutes and old school KYC-process with photos of credit cards and passports can be forgotten as well.

In Finland is the most popular Pay’n Play casino ranking site, from their lists it can be found tens of different casinos to play easily without registering.


Most online casinos offer great bonuses

In many online casinos it’s possible to get much bigger budget to play than the original deposit amount. Today’s trend is to offer new players welcome packages, which can contain deposit bonuses for several deposits plus some free double diamond slots.

When playing with bonus money there’s sure quite often been set up some wagering requirements and other terms and conditions, but it’s still totally possible to turn even bigger amount of bonus money to a real cash.

When comparing different casino bonuses, it’s important not let the big maximum amounts of money to blind you. Quite often the best casino bonus offers are a bit smaller amounts of money but with better conditions – there’s a big difference between 20x and 60x wagering requirement.

Sometimes especially brand-new casinos offer free spins without deposit, so you can get to chase winnings totally with no risk. These offers are always worth of using – you might not get to withdraw anything, at least you can have a pleasant time with funny slots for free!