Employee time tracking used to be simple.  All you needed to do was depend on the trustworthiness of your workers and on the unwavering quality of your watchdogs and you have a decent reason for the calculation of employee salaries. You also have a basis on which to determine the productivity of your workforce. However, times have changed and things are much more complicated than that, which means you now have to rely on employee time tracking software for better efficient monitoring and management of your workforce. What you can expect from employee time tracking software

Before, the only way you could track your employee’s time was via the good old time sheet and the time clock. Those were the only records you had of how much time your employees have put into their job. With an employee time tracking software, a program is set up that allows you to monitor how much time your employees have really spent working, be it as part of their daily routine, task or for a project. Since there is an element of control, there is no need to worry that a dishonest employee will be over-reporting their actual time.


So by having a good employee time tracking software that enables you to connect to your accounting system, you will be able to produce automated reports in real-time. Plus, the system has web capabilities, so the information will be available to you at any moment. A fundamental requirement for the system is to have the capacity to compute for the best possible pay of your employees, based on their attendance records. Lateness or absence will be deducted accordingly. If employees have an attached consent of leave, no deductions ought to be made to the pay of the worker. At times on the grounds that legitimate paperwork was not recorded or there are missing reports or documents, confusion could occur. But With the help of a software system that monitors this data, the pay is balanced accordingly. The record of leave is also accessible whenever need be, Thereby, avoiding confusion.

Besides monitoring compensation, times tracking software can be used to monitor your employee’s progress. A comprehensive report can be generated by the software system to help you evaluate the efficiency of your employees. For instance, if a worker has been working on a particular project for over a year with no progress, you can narrow down your findings and then determine if the problem is with the project, style of the employee or the work ethics.

That said being able to track employee time using software is just one aspect you will need to supplement it with workforce management software in order for you to get a clearer picture of your operations.