Smart solar box to cut your power bill

Smart Solar Box is breaking through the market, and what’s for sure – solar industry don’t like it. Because they want to sell you large installations, mounting equipment, cumbersome electronics, and charge for their designing and contractor services.

Solar panel installation is easy to DIY, and there is no need to throw all of your money on solar batteries that will serve you until you pay off your initial investment in your own solar installation, and then pull you in a new circle of investments in order to replace your inefficient batteries and outdated inverter that consumes more energy than it converts to output.

No solar installer company will warn you about that circular effect once you knock on their door. On the other hand, wiring your own Smart Solar Box in your garage can benefit you in many ways:

  • lowering your expensive electricity bills
  • generating free electricity for your home’s self-consumption
  • you can take your free energy generator wherever you want and use all the free power at any place in the world


Don’t jump into solar installation limbo without a lot of detailed and comprehensive research. Maybe generating free energy right from its source can be affordable.

Anyhow, you have to ask yourself, why is a free source of energy actually so expensive for the average homeowner?

What exactly is free when you’re paying tens of thousands of dollars to get something for FREE?

What’s precisely free if you are paying big money to get something … for free?! Absurd!


Opportunity to meet renewables

The truth is simple. You are eligible to design and connect complete solar panel installation by yourself and without any previous experience, simple as that. It’s not rocket science to wire panels and batteries and get wanted output from your own solar installation.

Just need to know how much power do you want to generate, and that depends on your monthly electricity bill.

Eventually, owning a solar power system does not save you from the power outage, unless you have installed back-up battery storage. Especially if you’re hooked up to the grid, your solar panel system will automatically stop generating electricity during power outages.

Solar panel installation that is grid-tied works only when there is voltage in the grid, owing to safety when workers repair power lines or installations. If you are grid-tied, and if there is no power in the grid, there will be no power in your home, no matter how sized your solar panel installation is.


Optimism in times of crisis

Despite the great efforts of the solar industry to keep you interested in their products and services, altruists from all meridians appear, bringing to humanity great, but also simple solutions that can serve those in need.

Especially after major natural disasters, small solar panel devices were given to the peoples in distress to help them get a source of electricity to charge their mobile devices or turn on medical devices. To keep in touch with the rest of the family or even save someone’s life.

And that’s Smart Solar Box was firstly intended for. Ryan Tanner, the creator and inventor (actually, he credits his dad for the invention of Smart Solar Box) of this powerful device generously shared with the world all his knowledge and instructions on how to assemble Smart Solar Box, and generate electricity from solar panels, in any weather condition, as a help kit.

Over time, Smart Solar Box proved to be a reliable power source and has been widely used as back-up power for households all around the globe. And not only as a back-up generator, but most of the people are also using Smart Solar Box to save money on electricity bills. A full in-depth review is written on this website: .

Solar energy can drastically cut electricity bills, and if you plan to assemble your own Smart Solar Box, you don’t have to wait for an emergency situation appears, you can use all available free energy to power your home appliances every day.

Just a look at your electricity bill can give you chills and get your money out of your pocket, in no time. With Smart Solar Box, you can cut your power bill with the comfort of using free and renewable source of energy for your household.

Living off-grid is hard to achieve without a lot of investment, so why not take the advantage of Smart Solar Box that is actually so cheap and affordable, and the best part is – you can wire it all by yourself in your garage.

And it can benefit you with cutting half of your electricity bill, or even more! Your only investment to create this free energy device will be around $210, and several hours of your free time, including reading instructions and online researching and buying components.


Free energy for all becomes reality

If you weigh the amount of investment and benefits, Smart Solar Box is just for you! Smart Solar Box is a light, cheap, and portable but powerful solution for generating free energy for your everyday needs that every house must have in their garage, not only for emergency situations but for everyday use.

It consists of two solar panels and batteries, it’s compact and can be transferred where ever you want, or where ever you need free electricity generation. When you’re not using Smart Solar Box, you can store it in a couple of square feet space. Even on blackouts, you can count on vast free energy that can fulfill your home needs.

Needless to say, you can’t power a concert with Smart Solar Box, but you can power everything else.

It’s easy to assemble, simple to use, and no need for maintenance. A completely free solution that can lower your expensive electricity bill while using all the electrical appliances we are used to in our daily lives.

So, what’s the catch? There is no catch. Long-time ago, a great Nikola Tesla worked on an invention that would transmit electricity wirelessly, which will be free to all humankind. After his death, all of his work disappeared, leaving us deprived of his invention – free energy for all.

Ryan Tanner is not that kind of a brilliant inventor as Tesla was, but he used the opportunity to figure out how DIY free energy device work, and share it with all of us.

Next time when you hold the electricity bill in your hands, think of what you can do to keep your comfort, and cut expenses. And every day, when the sun rises, think of how much money you could save with Smart Solar Box instead of filling a utility bank account for something that can be also generous and free.

With Smart Solar Box, the cheerful life is just around the corner, so be smart and invest in a free energy device that can be eventually a life-saver.

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