Smartphone of the Century- Figgers F2

Have you heard of Figgers? If not, then you are not alone. There are many people who don’t know about Figgers. We have mentioned everything there is to know about Figgers. It is a telecommunication company started by 29-year old Freddie Figgers. He is a computer programmer, inventor, software engineer, and entrepreneur. He is one of the youngest blacks to have an FCC license, which enabled him to own a cell phone company.

What is special about this company is that it is the first and only telecommunication company owned by an African American. Being the first black telecommunication company, it offers excellent services that too at affordable rates. This is the only minority-owned company competing with major companies such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

Figgers is planning to release their own 4G smartphone. If you want to know about this phone, Figger F2, continue reading!

Excellent Service

Figgers offer excellent services including 4G VoLTE wireless with unlimited talk, data, text, and calling services. The company offers 4GLTE mobile hotspots without any yearly contract or additional charges. Their service is exceptional because they rely on 16 geostationary satellites with a Low Earth Orbit. It helps in providing wide coverage and fast service. This is the reason why it is cheaper and more efficient. For more information on their plans, visit Figgers.

Background of Freddie

Freddie was abandoned when he was born, but he was adopted by a loving family when he was 2-days old. He was a special and intelligent kid. When he was 9-years old, he got his first computer. Unfortunately, it was broken; after many attempts, Freddie was able to make it operational.

Freddie got into the health industry because of his father. He was a dementia patient and was forgetful. Sometimes he would even forget to wear pants, whereas sometimes he would wander off. To keep a track of his whereabouts, Freddie created a smart shoe for his father with a GPS tracking in the sole and two-way communicator.

It was at the age of 12 when he got his first computer technician job. Later on, when he turned 15, he started his own cloud computing company. He quite is school because of the job he was offered. He created a custom software program, which he sold for $80,000. By the time he turned 24, he had already made 80 custom software programs.

All these events led to the creation of Figgers Communications. Now, he owns 2 design patents and 4 utility patents in the telecommunication industry.

Not Ordinary Telecommunication Company

This is not like normal telecommunication company, it is unique because they manufacture their own handsets. As mentioned above, Freddie is releasing its new 4G smartphone, F2 smartphone, that will be a rival for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series. Previously, the company introduced its predecessor, Figgers F1, with a unique mechanism to prevent accidents while texting and driving. It features a patented technology that will keep the driver safe behind the wheel.

The other features of the phone included a long-lasting battery with fast LTE. The processor of the phone is powerful offering ultra-fast processing speed.  The camera of the phone is also good with retina HD display and rapid shutter speeds. It was the most economical smartphone in the world.

F2- Outstanding Smartphone

With its unique safe driving mechanism, this phone will be challenging the likes of Apple and Samsung. Here is everything we know about this phone so far.

Superb Screen

This phone has a super screen of 5.7 inches JDI full lamination. This makes the screen appear brighter and thinner. The visual effects it offers will blow your mind. It features Silky technology that increases the response speed of the screen. With the help of one nit brightness, nighttime glare is zero. Moreover, it features the blue light filter technology that goes easy on the eyes.

Wonderful Camera

Another great feature of this phone is its camera. It has a dual camera; one of 13-megapixel while the other of 5-megapixel. The 13 MP camera will enable you to capture a clear and vibrant picture. The captured photos will be of premium quality with a sense of depth thanks to the assistant 5 MP camera.

Additionally, the camera has an ISOCELL sensor that will capture more light. This will help in producing pictures that are sharp and crisp.

Excellent Battery

The battery of this phone is long-lasting. This because of the HelioP25 and the power-saving capabilities of the AMOLED display. A remarkable feature of the F2 is its 5V2A fast charging technology. This means your phone can charge up to 80% in 12 minutes.

Wireless Blood Glucose Meter

A distinctive feature of Figger F2 is its built-in blood glucose meter. As soon as you check your blood glucose level it will immediately be sent to your phone. This will make it easy to share your result with your provider and insurance company.

Safe Driving Feature

We have included a safety feature in the phone to end texting while driving. When the phone is in motion over 10 miles per hour, it automatically sends the SMS and data into airplane mode. Since there has been an increase in the number of highway accidents because of texting and driving, this feature will keep all the drivers safe.

Therefore, this is a powerful phone that offers the best of everything, from the powerful processor to excellent safety features.

Bottom Line

All in all, Figgers is a wonderful telecommunications company founded in Quincy, Florida. It offers phenomenal services to all the customers worldwide. The company is known to provide wide coverage and provides super fast service. What helps them compete with major networks is its cost. Their charges are low without lowering their standards of service. This means it will not cost you an arm and a leg. The best deal is to get their F2 smartphone along with their network. Stay tuned for more updated on the smartphone.


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