Today, the world has formed a liberal culture which saw the decline of religious observance. However, with the changing world, we have to change our ways to survive.

Same-Sex Marriage was always met with negative reception when talked about its legalization. But there are a few developments that have changed the course of history. With more countries legalizing the social contract of same-sex countries, this concept is embraced with some open-mindedness instead of rejecting it with nothing but skepticism.



Norway, although it’s not as advanced as countries like US and UK, it legalized same-sex marriage years ahead of the United States in 2009. Norway is among the most liberal countries when it comes to the rights of the LGBT community.

It was among the first countries in the world which introduced anti-discrimination laws against sexual orientation including adoption, same-sex marriage, IVF/assisted insemination and others. The story doesn’t end here; it became the fourth country in the world that allows the change of legal gender.  A bill was proposed in 2004. But it was not passed until the arrival of a second cabinet Stoltenberg announce that the unified marriage as an act of its founding document. A public hearing was opened layer.

Its cities even including Oslo Smia have introduced some laws that protect the legality of these marriages. The first parliamentary hearing took place in 2008 in which 84 votes rooted for allowing same-sex marriage.  Marriage is an important Social contract that almost every person is going to contain.


What Could the World Learn?

If you are not in support of this lifestyle, it’s fine, don’t keep bullying the individual. Don’t be over skeptical because of it. Moreover, you better let people go instead of hurting their emotions. Some countries like the US followed suit, but that’s not the case.