Sofa Repair In Dubai

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Maybe you have a lovely sofa at home but it’s getting a bit old and it’s starting to show. Or maybe some part of your sofa just broke and you don’t really want to buy a new one. It’s very expensive and you might as well spend less money on repairing the one you have already. Then you can turn it into us at Sofa Upholstery and we will repair it for you and turn it back in the best condition ever. But how do we work with sofa repair and what can you expect?


How we work with sofa repairing

When we repair a sofa you have to be extremely careful about the way you do it as well as be extremely precise. We make sure to not make any mistakes and provide maximum quality with good pricing. When repairing a sofa we include everything that is needed for it. Which is webbing replacement, sofa frame repairing, repairment of sofa left, sofa spring repairment, sofa wood repairment and more. The sofa will be back to it’s new form and a great fit for your living room once again. That’s thanks to the best Sofa Repair Dubai.


Why you should repair your sofa instead of buying a new one

When a sofa is broken, it could be the legs, the fabric or anything else. These are problems that can be easily fixed with the right work while also not having to spend too much money. Buying a completely new sofa can cost you a lot of money, so why spend your money on a new one when you can simply repair it. And get it restored back to its original shape. Especially if the sofa has a sentimental value and you would rather not just get rid of it.


Sofa upholstery Fabrics and wood

If you choose to repair your sofa instead of getting a new one, you need to consider a few things. Such as what fabric you would like to have and what wood your sofa needs for the legs and such. There are plenty of different fabrics to choose from when repairing the fabric or replacing it. But when it comes to the wood, you need to know what kind of wood your sofa uses or find out which one it has.

But what type of fabrics can you choose from?


Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are cotton and linen and are often plant-based. Natural fibers can also be silk and wool. Cotton, linen and wool are the most durable fabrics for sofas and more woven.


Synthetics Leather

Synthetic fabrics are fabrics which are made with more chemicals than natural fibers are. Some common synthetic fabrics for sofas are polyester and nylon and are usually blended together with natural fibers.


Leather sofa upholstery

Leather fabric on sofas are considered more of a luxury fabric. And the highest quality leather fabric is top-grain and is a thicker material. However they are more difficult to repair than other fabrics are. Leather is a very appealing fabric and have good protection against stains and such.