Some interesting and amazing facts about moving

At some point or another, moving is a process that occurs in almost everyone’s life. But not everyone is aware of the interesting facts about moving. Moving is such a stressful time that people forget about the excitement of the move. Numerous numbers of reasons are present out there which make people relocate to a new place. If you want to know some interesting facts about the moving process, here is what the state to state movers have to say.


Have a look at these amazing facts:

  1. Do you know an average person moves 11.7 times in his/her life span in America? It might be very surprising to you but statistics prove it. And half of these moves take place between May to September.
  2. Did you know females tend to move more than the male?
  3. Within the age of 25 to 29 group, most people tend to move and the reason behind it is their career growth. 18 to 34 years is the largest group of people to move.
  4. Friday is considered as the most popular day for moving as most of the people
  5. Do you know Sunday is the least popular day for moving while most people think that it could be the most popular day to move?
  6. Normal household stuff to move is around 6,500 pounds in weight. You might be surprised to know it.
  7. Americans believe that when is the third most stressful event in life that comes after a death in the family and divorce. It is quite interesting to know that it comes at 3rd number.
  8. It is the responsibility of the professional movers to provide a booklet of “your rights and responsibilities when you Move” booklet.
  9. The majority of moves that take place are related to the job. Job makes 46% of all the moves. A major part of moves has been done because of retirement and the rest of the moves have been done because of several reasons.
  10. One of the biggest deciding factors, when one has to move, is choosing a particular neighborhood that is near to the workplace. People want to cut their commutation time that is why they like to live in convenient proximity to their workplace.
  11. The students who have just graduated from high school or college want to into another state. According to the us bureau of labor statistics, it has been said that 35% OF high school graduates move to another state within 5 years after the completion of their graduation. The main reason behind it is the growth in the career.
  12. Do you know Americans like moving more than anyone in the entire world? There are the highest numbers of moves taken place in the year.17 % of the total population moves every year from one state to another state and has been transferred by the moving companies successfully.
  13. Luanda, Angola is currently the most expensive city in the world to move to. After the city, the second most expensive city is New York City followed by San Francisco.
  14. 60 boxes are an average number of boxes that have been packed in a normal move. The size of these boxes varies from small, medium tolarge.
  15. A cardboard moving box can be used 3 to 10 for the movingpurpose.
  16. Every year in the United States, 1 out of 3 of the renters move to another place. According to the statistics, renters tend to move more than homeowners.
  17. 40millions of people in America move every year. California is the largest statewhere most of the moves take place.
  18. Moving locally with a moving company costs you less than hiring a moving truck or a DIYmove. Because you don’t have to pay for anything after hiring professional services like labor, packing, transportation cost, cost of truck rental, toll expenses, gas cost, cost of insurance, and so on.  Two third of all themoves are local moves and the main reason behind these moves is the joblocation only.
  19. Anaverage American moves 11.7 times in a lifetime which is higher than in theentire world.
  20. Accordingto statistics, Americans tend to move once every 6 years.
  1. Only 62% of the American population who live in a state has been born in the same state. This is very surprising to know this. Florida is the state where the least number of people live who have been born there in the same state.
  2. In the United States, on average 13 million kids who are less than 19 years of age move every year.


Wrapping it all up !

Though moving is considered as quite a stressful event still people choose to move a lot because of numerous numbers of reasons. An average person tends to move 11.7 times therefore you can now estimate how many moves take place every year. As you make a detailed checklist for your house move, these facts will surely help you a lot. Read all these interesting facts about the move and let the move be a less stressful event of life from now.