Spain’s Most Mispronounced and Misspelled Island

A hidden gem and one of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife is a unique island destination along the Atlantic. Many places lay claim to being the best island paradise but Tenerife holds the top spot for its special features. It has the world’s number one waterpark and the world’s number one spa which is not bad for an island.

There are more four and five-star hotels on the island than there are in all of Barcelona and Madrid. It cannot be matched for the stargazing opportunities that it offers from the peak of Europe’s tallest volcano.

If you have never heard of this tourist favourite, it’s probably because you have not typed it into Google correctly. It’s not far from the coast of Morocco and it is known for spectacular beaches that roll right up to breath-taking mountains. As with many of the Spanish Islands, there is a debate as to how to spell its name and pronounce it.

There are several basic ways to misspell the island. You might type Tenirefe, Tennerife or Tenerif into your browser bar. All of them are incorrect. Those who cannot remember it might just resort to typing Spanish islands into their browser search. World’s best waterpark resort is a phrase that could work, but we want to help you avoid confusion. Open a text file. Write the following repeatedly until you have it committed to memory:

T – E – N – E – R – I – F – E

Now you know how to spell the island’s name. It is time to learn how to pronounce it so that you can let your friends know where you are taking your next exciting getaway. It is hard to spell but it’s also hard to pronounce. Most first-timers will emphasize the I and pronounce the rife like life. They may also say reefay, which is not at all correct but it does have logic to it. All you want to do is remember the beautiful coral reefs which are off the sandy beaches. Tenerife is getting easier to say all the time. Pronounce the last syllable just as you would when referring to the coral.

Now that you can spell and pronounce it, you might be wondering how to get there. Flights to the island depart from major airports in Spain every day. Each flight is about three hours long.
Where should you stay?
Well, that can be answered by carefully choosing your preference from the many luxury resorts available to you.

You have to decide which ocean view you want after all, so you should take your time with this decision. Ten-Eh-Reef is sure to be one of your best vacations ever, and you will be able to fit right in with the locals now that you can pronounce its name.

Make sure you visit Tenerife Forum for even more interesting information about this island which is also fondly known as the Island of Eternal Spring due to its mild year round climate.

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