I know we have all probably changed in one way or another during the lockdowns and even curfews, however if you are an avid sports fan, have you noticed any changes regarding the way you look at sport or your outlook on the sporting industry, and if so, will that affect the way you look at sport once lockdowns end?

I suspect that many people who were once always eager and willing to attend live sporting events in person may no longer be willing to do so, even if they have had a vaccine jab, for there is the unknown element of how effective it will be and whether any weird strains will appear in the months ahead that may cause problems, even for those who have had the vaccine.

If sports fans are not prepared to attend live sporting events in the way they once did, that will of course decimate the already decimated income streams that all sports clubs, teams and even athletes have been affected by over the last twelve months.

But is will also be the knock on effects of the sporting industry as a whole that is worrying, for having recently spoken to industry expert Doug Hirdle, he told me advertising and sponsorship of many sport clubs and teams is almost non-existent right now with real money casinos and sportsbooks and most other businesses in different market sectors pulling their advertising and sponsorship deals across the sporting industry.

Will Sports Fans Save the Day?

Sadly, over the years a great many sports clubs have something of a track record, and not a good one, for treating their fans as cash cows so to speak, and often attempt to milk them for every last cent.

However, with things looking extremely bleak for all businesses involved in the sporting industry, it is going to be the fans that will ultimately determine whether any sports clubs and teams stay in business, for without their support by way of buying tickets to watch live sporting events, the industry looks doomed.

There will have to be something of a rethink on ticket prices too, for by massively reducing the cost of tickets to attend sporting events that will in turn ensure many people can attend those events, and it is surely better to fill a stadium for example with ticket paying fans, rather than have an almost empty stadium with fans who paid a premium for their tickets.

As to whether that is something that happens, well as always, we will have to wait and see, but at the end of the day without the support of their loyal fan base there are going to be lots of clubs and tames that will face difficulties in the months and possibly years ahead.

In fact, the way it has been going over the last year or so, it is a sad fact of life right now that many once great sports clubs and sports teams may be around for no longer, and that is something no fan of sport will want to think about, but it is something that certainly does need thinking about, and it needs urgently addressing too.

Keep Your Head Above Water as a Sport Related Business Owner

It is of course true to say that no matter what job we have or what market sector we may operate in if a small or large business owner, we have all experienced some dark times during the last year and have collectively had no other option but to endure the effects of the pandemic for the greater good.

Anybody that does run any type of business including those related to the sporting industry should always be prepared to reach out for help and support, as there are several different organizations that are willing to offer advice and support to business owners on how they can bounce back when the lockdowns end.