Is it hard to become popular? I am sure that the person who reads this knows the answer to this question. And if he doesn’t know, then he can guess for sure. In addition, this person understands how important it is not just to upload songs to music services, but also to promote them. At this moment you should think about Spotify promotion as the optimal path to fame and success. After all, you do not want the time spent on composing rhymes and music to be wasted. We’ll talk about the reasons and ways to promote Spotify. Read carefully, my friend.


What is the promotion procedure? To begin with, it’s worth understanding that the program’s algorithms, when selecting music, calculate a certain popularity coefficient for each track individually, based on the number of plays, the number of artist’s subscribers, and other parameters. Various promotion tools help to effectively influence the key parameters of popularity, which naturally increases the recognition of the performer among listeners and the audience.


The more popular the song will be, the more often it will appear in themed playlists, recommendations, and online radio stations. The appearance of the song in such tops and broadcasts allows you to declare yourself to a multi-million audience, which already has more than 100 million people. It also makes it easier to find new subscribers and followers, as well as producers who regularly seek out new talents in Spotify.


Company understands how important it is for Spotify to grow and acquire new subscribers. That is why the program provides support and assistance in promotion for all new musicians. The most important difference between Spotify promotion and promotion on other sites is that only Spotify can make an unobtrusive and natural promotion that will not cause user hostility. Indeed, the satisfaction of the listener is the most important to us. If a person listened to your track and liked it, then with a high degree of probability he will tell his friends about the new song. That is why you need to show yourself by making your way to the top charts and ratings. This is necessary to stand out from the 30 million other artists that are represented in Spotify.


Undoubtedly, Spotify shines with the brightest light in the sky of music services. This is the most proven and honest service to its users, and the reputation speaks for itself. No matter what genre you write music in or what instruments you use, Spotify will definitely give you a minute of fame. But only you can turn this moment into something more. Good luck!