Do you know how the music industry evolved over time? How it changed, and morphed? Music has come a long way from bumping sticks against the wall of the cave, to the most sophisticated sounds today. So did the distribution of music. What was free became paid, what was privilege became a necessity and usual. Music is now as important to u as food and sleep. It is hard to find a person without music on the smartphone or on the mind.

With the development of music, the way it was listened to has changed, and the way it is promoted. Now everyone uses Spotify to listen to the music, and every musician tries to fight the high competence with Spotify promotion. Music streaming services changed our lives, and the lives of so many musicians. And Spotify was one of the catalysts of this change.

If you are a young Spotify creator, struggling with your music being unnoticed, there is an option for you – promote it! Yes, you heard me right. Stop waiting for fame to come. Take your destiny in your own hands! But what is this promotion?


Spotify promotion is a process of gaining new organic traffic. It means that you attract new users, new plays, new likes, new followers. Usually, this process is performed by special promotion services, that have all the necessary knowledge and resources to guarantee a fast and effective result. Yeah, you can do some promotion by hand, but the result will not be nearly as good as after the promotion. How do they do it?

Well, some of their promotion channels are blogs, music websites, influencers, collaborations and partnerships, featuring the music in videos and on social media, and many more. If I name one more channel I might end up somewhere at the bottom of the ocean. Joke! I’m safe.

The procedure of promotion is simple – just select the promotion service, the package, and enjoy the result. In a few hours you will see some growing activity on your profile, and in a few days you’ll get everything you ordered plus some more. Since the promotion is mainly organic, it involves real users. And these users can attract their friends, and your eventual result might be even better than you paid for.

Now, what are the results of the promotion? First – you get more attention. It can be media attention, YouTube coverage, anything. Second – your song or songs go higher in the ranking, and eventually end up in popular playlists, user recommendations, radio, etc. Also, your track might find its way to the producers’ office, that will be blown away by your music and immediately send you the contract for a hundred new albums. Everything is possible. You just need to make a step!