If anyone ever doubted how important the internet is to all our lives then surely the last year or so proves how much we have come to rely on the world wide web to complete many of our daily tasks.

Remote working is far more normal than it used to be and those who were reluctant to buy goods and services online now are far more trusting of online sites. We are also sourcing our entertainment online far more frequently, and one industry, the gambling industry has reported a massive rise in traffic through 2020/21 with reports suggesting that even though land-based venues are opening up there are many that will choose to source their favourite casino games online for the foreseeable future.

With sites like fruityking.co.uk readily accessible over all platforms, remaining online to play casino games is not so very surprising as it means that players can enjoy their favourite games whenever and wherever they happen to be. Today, convenience is the name of the game, so whether you want to play for a few minutes during your lunch break or whilst commuting or settle down in your home for a full session you can expect a fully immersive experience in an environment that is both safe and secure.


Staying Safe Online

Of course not all sites are as good as each other and because of the increased traffic online we are seeing a lot of new online casinos land on our pages on a daily basis offering ‘too good to be true’ welcome bonuses and promotional offers. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can spot a rogue site which will save you a lot of time and effort and of course spotting a sub-standard site will also save you money.


What to Look Out For

Probably the most important factor to check before committing to any sites is to make sure that it holds a current gambling license issued by a reputable Gambling Commission and/or Gaming Authority. These licenses make sure that the site adheres to the strict rules and regulations set out to protect players from any unfair treatment. Failure to comply can see the site forfeit its gambling license which in effect will put them out of business, or at the very least will find the site operators on the end of a hefty fine.

You should also check the software providers that play a major role in the online casino software industry are used in your prospective site. This is to ensure that the quality of the games you will be playing are of the highest standard, and that the variety will be varied and numerous.

Banking options need to be those that are tried and trusted as well as those that allow players to choose say their phone bill to pay for the cost of their games. Only the latest encryption software should be used by the site in order to further protect their players safety and the random number generator should be independently audited with the certification number being easily accessed.

Bonuses and promotional offers need to be generous but also, and perhaps more importantly, they also need to have reasonable restrictions attached to them in order for them to be worth anything at all.

Not only do players need a great environment to play in, they also need to be able to get assistance when required and so a dedicated customer support team is essential as are information pages written in a jargon-free manner which can be used for self-help.

Choosing the right online casino site to play at in the first instance saves a lot of time and effort, so choose wisely and enjoy your time spent online.