Start-up business owner –why  VPS is better for you than shared hosting.

Perhaps you are already signed up with a shared hosting account right now and are either dissatisfied or afraid of what you’re hearing about shared hosting. Maybe you’re just setting out on your digital journey and looking for an affordable, yet powerful hosting solution and you stumbled upon VPS. Whatever the case, this article will help you make a more informed decision and why choosing VPS over shared hosting is the better option.

VPS – should you make the switch?

According to, VPS is “a customizable hosting solution for those seeking high power, flexible and affordable hosting plans. Virtual private server hosting allows you to customize your operating system, install applications that you need and support higher visitor traffic with enhanced server resources.”

This quick overview outlines the basics of a virtual private server. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits that users like you can access should you choose VPS. Check out these VPS benefits before leasing another year of shared hosting.

Root Access. VPS hosting includes comes full root access, which means that you can personalize and choose what happens with your hosting platform. You are free to update and install any software you prefer when you want it. Need a quick restart? You have the power!

Scalability. VPS can be scaled for a startup business to large corporations. When you start, you can go with low traffic spaced sporadically throughout the day and as your site’s popularity soar, you can get more resources to handle the demand on the fly. VPS lets you add resources when you need them or adjust/remove them when you don’t.

Better security. As you may have already realized, shared hosting means – as its name suggests – that you are sharing a single server with other people, which can put you in situations where your security can be compromised. With VPS, you have control over security features and remove any threat that other users can pose on your platform. You can adjust your security measures as you necessary to protect your data.

Affordability. Being light years away from shared hosting doesn’t mean VPS is not affordable. The reality is that leasing a virtual private server generally costs much less than what’s posted. VPS scalability allows lets you cherry-pick features you need and therefore how much you spend.

OS options. Whether you are a Windows or Linux OS user, the operating system you prefer or use yourself is completely up to you. Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, etc. all of these are possible. VPS allows you to choose the tools and operating systems you want.

Of course, you also need to consider a hosting provider’s customer service, especially if it’s your first time using a VPS service. Unlike Shared Hosting, since VPS is a premium paid solution, you’ll generally receive better support compared to a free/cheap hosting solution. Providers like Vodien, Singapore’s number one web hosting & domains provider invests in businesses that are looking for a hosting service that can handle huge visitor traffic, at blazing-fast speeds. Best of luck!