California is known for its spectacular natural beauty with lot of national parks and beaches evidencing the abundance of flora and fauna here. This post is not to provide any sort of legal advice but to refer to laws around marijuana consumption in California. The medical use of marijuana was legalized way back in 1996. It is legal to grow, process, possess and consume marijuana in California. But it can only be sold by licensed practitioners. The latter provisions are defined in Proposition 64 of the Act.

You must be wondering how this legal structure would be helpful for you! Since we are referring to statistics of marijuana consumption in California, it is necessary to throw light on the legality of its consumption. California is ranked at 10th position in US as per the marijuana consumption. One in every five adults in the age group of 18-25 is a user of marijuana. In terms of marijuana sales for medical purpose, California ranks number one. There have been many cases of use of marijuana as an illegal drug in California and that is why this country occasionally stays part of the headlines.

Going by the statistics, it might be right to say that despite the legality of marijuana, it is consumed as an addictive drug in many corners of California. Further, there have been cases where children in the age group of 12-18 are also identified as marijuana users. It might be disheartening but number of users have only increased in past few years.

Touching base on licensed providers who can only sell marijuana means that apart from medical dispensaries run by Government departments, marijuana will be available in these licensed stores as well. Cannabis Dispensary provide you access to fresh Cannabis delivery at your door step. Cannabis can result in lot of benefits for your health if it is consumed appropriately. The stats also evidence that legalization of marijuana has led to decrease in opiate-related deaths. This is because of the awareness and availability.

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