It is interesting how the word ‘strategy’ has evolved during the years and its development with the infiltration of technology in the day to day lives of the people. While research is vital for any endeavor – traditional, modern, or digital – entrepreneurs look forward to eliminating challenges to make life easy for users. However, while embracing technology does make life easier, alternatively, discarding its use or simply being ignorant of present developments in the field of technology does just the opposite. Businesses thrive, or should we say, survive, ascribed to business intelligence which ascertains augmented performance ascribed to efficient and timely business decisions resulting from immediate response on key external issues. This brings us to an intelligence software, Fast Intell, which helps its users by amassing and analyzing metadata to generate spearhead information tailored to the needs and demands of the business. While there is a host companies that have developed their own insight bots to develop their competitiveness, small businesses lack the required financing, infrastructure, and specialisation to have an insight bot of their own and resort to the market to find a suitable software. Fast Intell reviewed and used the competitive products, improved the features, removed unnecessary things and added new features such as artificial intelligence. Not just that but the founders have a well-known knowledge regarding eBay gold power selling and software engineering. Fast Intell company was made in UK. Fast intell is expert in development of large and tricky software’s, system and database design, SQL servers and power Bi. In this article, you will get to know everything related to Fast Intell, the services they provide, their focus on extreme privacy policy and many more. Let’s get you started!

What is Fast Intell?

Fast Intell is a digital analysis tool which helps business with ready reports to relieve its user of magnanimous amounts of time which are spent to collect and analyze data to make various important business decisions. The product is intended and tailored to analyze data associated with the electronic marketplace eBay and does that using the following eBay seller tools.


Competitor Analysis

Perhaps the unique selling point of Fast Intell is its feature where competitor analysis is made to provide its users with the real insights of how well a competitor is doing and in what categories while also identifying their best selling items. While this dilutes the market hegemony and the overall bargaining power of the competitor, it also brings you in play and hence enjoy the benefits by increasing your volume sales and adding another product to your product range. Further, it also helps identify the gaps in the market and the unmet demand due to low supply, something that might just be possible to address. Further, it also reveals the competition in the market of the products in your range and reveals the price other sellers are charging for the similar products as well as their sales velocity.


Market Research & Sales Report

Many large companies have separate departments for Market Research and Development but the model simply cannot be applied to the little startups that arise on eBay. Whilst some beginner’s luck is relished by amateur sellers, the path to organic expansion of the business goes from the market research road. Fast Intell helps by identifying the demand of a certain products and services by analyzing eBay’s web data. Additionally, it also helps in identifying the top Searches and Keywords to identify market trends while also alarming the sellers of products that are currently not in demand, thereby, eliminating the ‘guesstimate’ that amateur seller furnishes ascribed to their inefficient market research.

The sales report allows the user to analyze the strength of a competitor in a specific product or product category. Additionally, eBay employs the page ranking system similar to that of Google and hence reveals the positioning of the its users pages versus that of its competitors. Based on the page listing, important decisions can be made pertaining to the changes required to get more page visibility.


Sales Metrics

Sales metrics are necessary to analyse data and draw reasonable deductions from it and hence vital to track business performance. Fast Intell’s sales metric reveal the product performance of ones own store attributed to is market demand. The metric uses a simple method of analyzing the inventory turnover of the product reflecting on its sales velocity. The metric further encompasses similar information on the products displayed by the competitor by projecting and estimating the total sales and the income generated by a specific product or range thereby giving quality suggestion on viability of stocking and selling a specific project.


Artificial Intelligence and Email Notifications.

The artificial intelligence tool helps a user in keeping up with the competitors as well as the sellers that a user may wish to watch to gather inspiration on new product listing. This enables a business to track the competition by getting notified of the number of competitors and the new entrants. The email notifications about the opportunities and threats arising due to new entrants and market gaps in the product listing helps the business to gain a direction and alter or appoint new policies concerning the matter. Yes, all that in a timely manner, thanks to the hands on bot email notification of Fast Intell.



Forming a business strategy is essential for sustainability of the business and often leads to major breakthroughs in the market which is saturated with an infinite number of buyers and sellers. Therefore, it is mandatory for businesses to have the necessary information to act upon in a timely manner as the infiltration of technology to grass-root level has opened up new challenges for sellers. Hence, having a software like Fast Intell to analyse meta data pertaining to the market research, competitor analyses, performance metrics etc. to form key decisions in the business is essential for deriving competitive advantage. It brings me to one of the proverbial saying of Quintus Batiatus, although slightly altered to fit the context, that one must accept technology or be destroyed by it!