Needless to say, an iPhone is a highly elusive entity that is best known for its functionality and higher resale value. Besides being an extremely competent device, an iPhone also determines the status symbol of an individual and therefore Apple-branded mobile phones are probably the most sought-after electronic devices in existence. While a buyer needs to carefully check the device or identify reliable online stores for getting hold of iPhones at competitive price point, even the seller needs to follow certain steps for getting the most out of his or her used gadget.

Why would Someone Even Sell an iPhone?

Selling an iPhone is mostly driven by upgrades. It is a known fact that Apple unveils new and powerful iPhones each year and a device is expected to become old, in a matter of few years. Therefore, a seller often tries to get the most value out of an old gadget and use the procured sum to purchase a brand new device, preferably an iPhone.

What should be the Basic Selling Strategy?

While it’s mostly about finding the right person and selling off the old device, it is the data that needs to be taken care of before giving up on the existing gadget. A user, therefore, must delete every trace of confidential data before even zeroing in on the concerned seller. In the subsequent sections, we shall look at the most important steps for getting an iPhone ready before selling off the same:

  • Unpair Devices

In a world of interconnections, it is important to delete all the paired devices associated with the concerned gadget. An old mobile phone for sale needs to showcase a clean sheet, in terms of Bluetooth paired devices, precisely if the device is to be sold off to someone who stays nearby. Therefore, the concerned seller must head over to Settings, select each paired device, and select Forget Device for unpairing them, all at once. While some users can do away this step, unpairing is a must if the device is paired with an Apple Watch. Apple Watches cannot be paired with two devices at the same time and certain models with LTE functionality can also interact with devices over long distances. Therefore, the user needs to head over to the ‘My Watch’ section, select the watch, and unpair the same. However, one needs to keep the Apple ID and device password handy for completing this step. For a model with cellular connectivity, it is advisable to remove or cancel the existing cellular subscription. In case the watch needs to be paired with a new device, Apple already uses the backed up data for setting it up, quite quickly.

  • Backup Data

While erasing data from the iPhone is the easiest possible option, there are times when having data backup is equally important. If a seller relies completely on data deletion, he or she is completely denying a copy of the confidential information to his or her own requirements. In addition to that, backing up the data also gives additional flexibility to the seller by allowing access to the all the confidential bits of information. The data on iPhones can either be backed up using iCould or iTunes, depending on user preferences. The first option is easier and only requires a stable internet connection. However, iCould backup option offers limited space and this is where iTunes backup comes in handy. Besides, backing up iPhone data with an iPhone transfer software is also a good choice.

  • Sign Out of all Existing Accounts

In order to maintain data secrecy, it is important to log out of multiple social, app store, iTunes, and even iCould accounts. The seller needs to be careful about the payment details which are normally stored in these accounts. However, the sign out process might vary according to the iOS version. Lastly, all the applications which, in any way, store financial and personal details need to be deleted.

  • Erase Data

While we did consider backing up data, the confidential sets of information need to be erased before handing the device to the buyer. Erasing data signifies deleting all the installed applications, pictures, and any document that didn’t originally come with the iPhone. The easiest way to erase data is to head over to the General Settings tab, click on the Reset button, and tap on the Erase Content option. However, the individual needs to keep the device passcode and Apple ID handy for validating identity.

  • Identify the Right Seller

One can definitely sell use d mobile phones but it requires proper identification skills for determining the most feasible and rewarding options on offer. There are several reliable online counters like Sellncash which allow potential sellers to get decent prices on their used iPhones.  You can buy second hand phone also at various portals like Togofogo.

Selling off a used iPhone isn’t difficult as Apple-branded devices have excellent resale values. However, the mentioned steps need to be followed for adhering to the security and varied financial concerns.