When planning a conference, the success of the event is key but another element that is vital is the security and safety of all that are involved.

It’s important as an organiser to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of all staff and attendees.

So, what is required to be done on the part of the event planners in order to gain this confidence and make sure that the attendees have a secure and overall amazing event experience?

Step up your conference security with these top tips:

Venue selection

When it comes to conference security it must be considered and put into action right from inception. This includes when you’re choosing the venue for your event, you must assess your potential venues and keep in mind the safety aspect.

Select a venue that is convenient and easily accessible but also in a low crime area, check that the venue has effective security measures such as surveillance facilities, confidential areas if needed and trained security staff.

Event security team

If the event venue that you have selected doesn’t have their own trained security team you may want to investigate hiring one for your conference to ensure extra safety for all attendees.

Especially if you’re planning on hosting a large number of attendees, a dedicated security team is recommended to ensure crowd control.

Keep communication tight

Communication between staff needs to be constant during and prior to your event. Walkie-talkies are advised so that your team can always be in contact. Ensure that this communication is also extended to the professional security details so that staff can report any suspicious activity to the security team immediately.  

Conference cards

Conference cards are another essential for your event. Not only do they provide identification for all attendees to encourage networking and brand engagement, but they are also very important for security reasons.

Giving each attendee an ID card means you can identify exactly who is meant to be at the conference and who isn’t. All you need to do is get yourself a Conference ID Card Creator and you will be able to design and create professional conference badges in-house for your conference.

Attendee screening strategy

Depending on your budget the implementation of an attendee screening strategy could vastly improve the safety of your event. This can be executed before the conference even begins to ensure maximum security.

This can be especially useful when you are holding a conference that is free because as it can be a lot harder to regulate who is entering the conference when they haven’t paid for admission. Screening in the form on magnetometers, hand-held metal detectors wands or bag checks can significantly increase the safety at your event.

If you want to provide an unforgettable conference for your audience then it’s essential that you think about safety first and always go that extra mile to ensure that your event will be as secure as you can possibly make it.