Stone Carpets: types and advantages

Stone carpets can be used in both commercial and residential premises. The use of natural stone is not only elegant and smart, but also offers many advantages.

Stone carpets can help to keep the climate in your home cooler. This is especially advantageous if you live in a region with hotter seasons. They are also very stable and have a long lifespan. You also don’t have to worry about contamination as they are stain resistant. The use of stone carpets gives your home a stylish and classic look.

Terrace carpet has many valuable advantages. The most important of these are:


  • Versatile use – marble aggregate embedded in epoxy resin, finds a very wide range of applications. Stone carpet successfully replaces ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware on floors inside and outside buildings. They are used as floors on terraces, balconies, stairs, driveways and even sidewalks.
  • Resistance to water – resin floors show excellent resistance to moisture, as well as lack of absorbability. Thanks to this, water does not get into the floor, which in the case of tiles is the cause of their damage.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Resin floors are devoid of joints and expansion joints – over time, we do not have to worry about unsightly cracks.
  • Resistance to temperature changes – terrace carpet is resistant to thermal changes occurring in our climatic zone. They are particularly resistant to strong frosts and high levels of sunlight.
  • Easy to clean – there is no problem with cleaning surfaces made of epoxy resin. In addition, the balcony or terrace carpet is resistant to strong chemicals.
  • Anti-slip surface – unlike tiles, we do not have to fear that we will tip over on a slippery surface.



Marble is one of the highest quality types of stone. It was used for decoration in ancient times because it is a metamorphic type of stone, so it can be polished. What many people do not know: Marble is relatively soft, which is why it can easily be scratched. There are thousands of different types of marble all over the world. If marble is treated with a dirt-repellent coating, it can take up to 10 years before it needs to be resealed again.

Quartz gravel

Quartz gravel is a popular material in gardening and landscaping. The main reason for this is its availability in different colours. The best known is probably the yellow to white quartz gravel. Nevertheless, quartz gravel is available in more than 200 different colours. The difference to marble in the use as a stone carpet lies in the fineness of the grain. Quartz is available in many different grain sizes. Thus, one can speak of quartz sand from a diameter of 2mm and below. This fine grain size therefore allows a very low construction height.

Further advantages resulting from the construction of a stone carpet from marble or quartz gravel are the above-mentioned adaptable design through many different colours, the robustness, the slip resistance and the resistance to frost in outdoor areas.

After choosing the optimal stone carpet for your home, it is important to install the new floor professionally. To do this, it is a good idea to find a suitable company that is specialised in laying stone carpets. This ensures that the new floor is installed with optimum results. More information can be found here.

Opinions on whether resin for stairs and terrace is a good idea can be found in various internet forums. They will surely depend on the way they are made. It is important that marble aggregate and resin for stairs or terraces are applied in the right way.

Mistakes can cause negative opinions about this technology. Therefore, it is important to make the floor according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Another way is to entrust this task to experienced professionals. Properly made resin floors have positive opinions due to their valuable technical parameters. Stone carpets are an interesting proposal for a terrace. Such resin floors are a choice worth considering.