Stopping Employees from Being Your Biggest Security Threat

When you consider the biggest security threats your company faces on a day-to-day basis, it is easy to think about the likes of hackers and malware. After all, these are what receive the most attention from the media – and for a good reason. They are scary, ever-present, and can cause serious damage to your business.

However, there is a threat that is often a bigger concern than all others: your employees.

It may sound drastic, but your employees are often the ones that leave the door unlocked and ajar for cyber criminals to enter. To make matters worse, they can also do this in various different ways that are difficult to stop.

That said, you’re not powerless. There are methods available to stop employees from being your organization’s biggest security threat. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Have the right foundation

First of all, you cannot overlook the importance of having the right foundation for your security efforts. It is recommended to base this on cloud technology. A lot of cloud platforms, like AWS and Microsoft Azure, provide a range of security tools. However, added control can be gained by following a shared responsibility model.

A shared responsibility model is followed by the main cloud providers. It is where the provider focuses on the security of the cloud, whereas you, the customer, focus on the security within the cloud. When you combine the right cloud platform with the right processes, you have the foundation for success.

The cloud, antivirus software, firewalls – even when focusing on your employees, technology goes a long way to protecting your business.

Provide an education

Your employees might have a general idea about security. They may know how to create a secure password or how to avoid a dodgy email. However, security is an in-depth subject due to the wide assortment of threats out there. Due to this, it is vital that you provide them with an education about how to stay safe and think defensively at work.

One lesson isn’t enough, either. This security-based education should be performed on a frequent basis. It is all too easy for employees to become forgetful about certain information or security protocols. By supplying regular refreshers – and also keeping them up-to-date with the latest threats – it is less likely that your employees will be lackadaisical in their approach.

Be clear about any security incidents

No matter how many precautions you take. No matter how much you educate your employees. You will encounter security incidents over time. These incidents can be minor and quashed before they cause any issues, whereas others could lead to severe data breaches.

Whatever the situation, it is wise to inform your employees about any security incidents your business has encountered. This transparency will be appreciated by those working for your company.

Furthermore, incidents can serve as further training. With regular awareness sessions or even an informative email, you are able to teach your employees the best practices available to avoid issues and stay safe.