Streamlining Your IT in 2020: A Guide

The world of digital solutions, automated software and web-based programs can be confusing — even to the most adept of digital workers. For many business workers and managers, their IT infrastructure is incredibly confusing and tangled and they’re aware that they may not be operating with the very best solutions to the problems that they face. In this short guide, we’ll look at how you as a business can streamline your current crop of digital solutions in order to make them work for you most effectively in 2020.

Make a Map

First up, you should think about all of the interwoven software programs that you have within your business. Think about everything from the daily programs that your employees use to the more complex systems that support your IT infrastructure. Your map may include:

  • All your Microsoft Office programs
  • Your creative programs, like those provided by Adobe
  • Software that helps you access internet resources
  • Your cybersecurity system
  • Automated systems that link up your digital infrastructure
  • Web-based solutions which help you streamline your work

Once you’ve mapped out the entirety of your IT provisions, it’s time to think lucidly about which of them you actually need and which are replicating functions. It’s time to cull your system to size.

Streamlining Your Map

Your map represents your digital infrastructure. It’s what keeps your business afloat to some extent. In that respect, your digital map is likely to have been built up over many years, which suggests that much of the software programs and other items on your map may be outdated in the year 2020. It’s your responsibility to help your business cut these down, by removing all but the most essential programs from your back office.

Meanwhile, you should also be talking with IT professionals who will help you to comprehend which programs are most effective in the modern era. Many software solutions are currently available which can help you manage your different IT services through one streamlined app or program. Look to 24×7 IT Solutions for support in making these changes to your back office IT infrastructure.

Retrain Staff

With changes taking place in your IT system, it’s absolutely crucial that you’re able to translate these to your staff, helping them see what changes you’re making and the reasons behind these changes. You don’t want to be leaving your staff confused or saving their work into non-existent folders in a system that you’ve changed beyond recognition.

You need to therefore involve your staff in the process of change and modernization that you bring forward within your company. Find a way to translate your changes into an easy-to-comprehend guide for your staff. And remember: all of the changes that you make should be to help your staff perform their work easier. They will be grateful for the changes that you make, though there may be a couple of weeks of teething problems before you find your success.

There you have it: three simple steps to updating and streamlining your business IT infrastructure in 2020.