As parents, we always want the best for our children and see them flourish and become a star (just like he/she is in your eyes). But, for that, you need to first manage your child’s education, because for now, he is quite young to do all by himself/herself. The process of nurturing our children starts quite early. You must have heard, tried and tested hundreds of ways for doing so.

Therefore, I am going to suggest some very basics that we often forget walking the criss-cross. Let’s begin with some amazing tips by Etutorworld:

Communication drives information

This might seem quite straightforward, and it is a no brainer after all. But the importance of communication cannot be underestimated. It is not always that our children are able to get the best educational facilities. But communication can ensure the leverage of maximum benefits with the available facility. Keep in touch with your child’s home and school teachers. This will keep you aware of your child’s study lessons along with his/her school life. This gives the child the needed comfort and guidance. It will also validate his work. Take out time to sit with your child and converse on the homework, classwork and everything else, and sometimes try and solve the questions together. This will help you both gravitate closer and understand each other.


Repetition ensures deeper understanding

You see, things done in school are done once or twice maximum, and during that, majority of the students get a basic idea of the lesson but don’t grasp the detailed overview. This is when your job as a parent back in our homes begins. While you are communicating with their teachers on a first-name basis, you get to know what is going around in school. So, this is when you get the opportunity and you need to seize it. You need to reinforce the lessons that have been taught in school instantly. You can always make things interesting by adding real-life examples and your own material to it. The more times you repeat, the better they understand and the better it is for them.


Tutoring inculcates expertise

The fact is, as parents, we have a lot of responsibilities towards our children apart from ONLY education. But this does not make our child’s education less important or second on the list. The reason why I suggest sharing the responsibility of education with the professionals in this area. They deal with kids every day, comprehend their strengths and weakness and are trained to help them improve on the negatives and master on the positives. For example, if your kid has weak hold over Mathematics, you can take help from a professional. That’s what my mom did for me, she got me a grade 10 math help and it really made my life. You won’t believe, but Math has been my favorite subject since then.

Then, why not? Tutors are your best bet when you are unable to manage the hustle of your child’s education. They are dedicated individuals whose experiences are invaluable to help you overcome your biggest challenge. All the above mentioned points can find rest at a tutor’s desk! (That just made you save half of your day!)


Critical thinking develops opinion

My child is too small to develop his own opinions!’ No, critical thinking has no age, it is a habit – so don’t put them in the boundaries of small or big, set them free and let them think. Critical thinking can’t be developed overnight, it’s a process. So how do you do that? One of the simplest things you can do is not easily answer all their queries and questions. Give heat to their curiosity, push them to wiggle their own brains, scratch information material and dig up the answers on their own. It does not matter whether the answer is correct or not. But the fact that he is thinking is very important, and believe me, there are sweeter fruits to reap in the future of this exercise. But most of the parents fail to inculcate this habit and give up on the restlessness of their children. Don’t worry, your query will be resolved in the next point!

The above four points are like the four wheels of a car. They all are equally important. I know being a parent, is quite daunting but let’s admit it, seeing your child smiling at the end of the day – everything pays off! Also, a little pro tip to end with – Let your child do what he/she wants to, let them fly!