The Master Professional of Technical Management (CCI) is an advanced training qualification of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), which is state-recognized and protected. Like the Certified Business Economist, the Certified Professional Educator and the Certified Technical Industrial Manager, it belongs to the third level of the IHK Advanced Training System.

The Master Professional of Technical Management (CCI) combines knowledge of the latest technology and business management skills. This makes them suitable for a wide range of tasks in companies and they are in great demand on the job market. The further education to the technical operation manager is an advancement training which can be completed in courses. During the exam preparations for the certified degree, knowledge for personnel consulting, accounting and practical work in project planning is conveyed. With the examined conclusion as technical operation manager (IHK) you get a good entrance into middle to upper management levels of the enterprises.


Scope of duties of a technical operation manager

Due to the increasing mechanization of work processes in a wide variety of industries, companies are increasingly looking for well-trained specialists. They should not only be familiar with technology, but also with the business side. As a certified technical operations manager (IHK), you will work at the management level at the interface of production, technology and business.

Here you are responsible for planning, optimising and coordinating operational processes and productions and at the same time acting for the economic benefit of the company. For example, you will be responsible for purchasing machines and materials and analyzing their cost-benefit ratio. In addition, you will develop approaches to solutions where your company can save money sensibly.

The Certified Professional of Technical Management (Technischer Betriebswirt (IHK)) is recognized in industry and commerce. Engineers, technicians and master craftsmen have the possibility with this further training to train themselves on the non-academic way and to attain a qualification on master level.


Knowledge you acquire during your studies

The training to become a technical operation manager prepares for the examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), which is one of the highest qualifications in business administration. As an interface between technology and market economy, the advanced training deals with the use of materials and machines as well as with aspects of economics and business administration. In addition to accounting, the course material also includes forms and plans of financing and investment.

For the practical competences, a prospective technical operation manager also deals with logistics concepts and project planning. This includes marketing instruments and materials management. A technical operation manager is responsible for an economic purchasing policy and production planning. The development of planning concepts gives the profession an important role in the organization and management level of a company.

The position of technical operations manager is highly appreciated by companies. Labour and social law are just as much a part of the curriculum as information and communication media. Thus the technical operation manager belongs also to the social anchor of an enterprise, which plans also communication networks and the personnel management.


Qualifications and support for the course

Further training to become a technical operation manager is generally not offered as conventional training. The admission requirements for further training can be met by a certified industrial or technical master. This includes a successfully passed examination to become an industrial master craftsman or a comparable technical master craftsman examination. Also a certified technician or qualified technical specialist can receive the admission to the technical operation manager. An exception is the state-approved engineer, who also has the relevant professional experience and qualification for the IHK examination.

Once all admission requirements have been met, exam preparation can begin. Learning can take place independently or with the support of a course. Many courses offer practice-oriented project work that prepares students for their profession. Up to 64% of the costs can be covered by the promotion fee. The support depends on age, income and assets. If the further training is completed in full time, also the living costs can be covered on a monthly basis.


Career prospects as a technical operation manager

With the combination of business management knowledge and technical qualifications, technical operation managers are currently in demand at many companies and can expect good salaries.

The profession offers versatile areas of application and many opportunities for personal development. The areas of application cover the processes and planning of project development and personnel management. A technical operation manager is thus also responsible for the economic and social processes in a company. The working day is characterised by independent work and a far-reaching organisation. For the first step to this advanced training there are many non-binding consulting offers.