If the traditional lathes are used in a manufacturing unit, production of long and slender parts can prove to be difficult. Furthermore, the difficulty level can rise even higher if these parts involve difficult to comprehend and complex geometrics. Apart from this basic drawback, there are numerous other challenges that one has to face in a manufacturing unit where lathes are used for production. The result doesn’t offer the precision required due to the complications and complexities involved.

An effective option, in order to get the best results, is to opt for precision CNC machining method. It is suitable for being used in the Swiss Watch Industry because of the enhanced precision it offers.

Here are some of the factors that help Swiss Machining to provide the most precise machining:

Swiss-style Lathes

Precision CNC machining method works by using Swiss-style lathes. Each lathe has a guide bushing that is located at exactly the same spot as the main spindle. This guide bushing helps Swiss machining to offer more precision since it helps them to have movements in both ways, axial and rotational. As a result, long and slender parts with complex geometries can be produced in a rather seamless way. With the use of traditional methods, not only long and tender but small parts were also difficult to manufacture. However, with Swiss-style lathes, this issue has been effortlessly resolved.


Minimum Deflections

One of the major reasons why standard lathes were not able to offer more precision is that they were more deflections. These deflections adversely affect the quality of units produced. With the Swiss machining method, there are minimum deflections no matter how long or small the part is. This is due to the fact that the guide bushing and tooling are located closely on the machine. Thus, slender parts in any length can be manufactured with enhanced precision using CNC machining technology.



Another reason how Swiss machining provides the most precise machining is their flexibility. Machines that are compatible with Swiss machining method come with excessive range, both in terms of length and diameter. Therefore, more precise and accurate units can be produced regardless of their length. This is the rest that was quite difficult to obtain with the use of traditional machining technology.



Lastly, the diversity of Swiss machining method makes it ideal for getting the most precise results for different parts with different dimensions and geometrics. Machines with this technology offer more than 20 material options. Therefore, different product parts with diverse designs can be manufactured with ease.


A Final Word

These are some of the ways how precise machining is obtained using Swiss machining method. All the issues associated with the conventional lathe used in the manufacturing industry are now eliminated with this technology not only because of the precision it offers but the accuracy and increased efficiency as well. Some of the tasks that were deemed impossible with conventional technology can now be completed with ease due to Swiss machining.