The most important thing to remember is that she probably is already attracted to you in some way. So, show a little confidence in that. Now that you have both established that important point, it is time for some chatting and appropriate flirtations. You will soon find that chatting with girls on Tinder is easy if you follow a few basic pointers. Gain some confidence by chatting on phonesexnumbers.

  1. Being Funny

Girls love a guy who can make them laugh and it is important to keep your interactions upbeat and lighthearted. If you can say something funny as an icebreaker, this is a great way to take that first step. If she thinks you’re funny and witty, she will be all the more attracted to you.

Because its tinder, a great way to begin is with “so, how are we going to tell people we met?” this shows a conscious awareness and a sense of humor that is not trying too hard. But, this can be a little difficult, so if you have a doubt check with friends to see if what you are writing is actually funny. A bad joke can have the complete opposite of the intended effect and this is best avoided.

  1. Be Smooth

Trying to be smooth is another important point to master and is especially effective if you are chatting with an especially classy lady who likes being entertained in elegance. This doesn’t mean being arrogant. Try to say something charming like, “I think you are a very attractive woman and I would love to take you out for dinner.” A confident approach is always important in making a woman feel comfortable.

  1. Sexy

Obviously one of the most important reasons people are making connections on Tinder is because they are looking to hook up. If you are there for this reason alone, there is no need to be shy about your intentions, just come right out with it. She’ll either be interested or not! Think about your needs here and then make your move.

  1. Forward

You can spend an awfully long time writing each other sonnets and romantic essays all night, but why not just get to know each other face to face? Just go ahead and ask her if she would like to meet you for coffee, dinner or whatever. This may sound like coming across a little pushy, but isn’t this why you have come here in the first place?

  1. Be Flirty

For the best response keep things fun a flirty as you can. Being flirty is simple, you could point out something cute you notice in one of her pictures and make a slight joke about it, but don’t be offensive. If she responds well to follow it up with a sincere compliment.  If she also begins to flirt with you, you know the communications is moving along nicely.

  1. Keep Communications Direct

Being direct is the fastest way to go from online dating to a face to face meeting. If you are the kind of guy who likes to get things moving along, then just ask her out as soon as you can. If she is also the kind of woman that prefers an in person meeting, then you will make a perfect match.

  1. Keep things Honest

Resist the urge to begin bragging about things that aren’t true. There is always the temptation to push things too far when describing our past and accomplishments but this rarely works out well. The best choice would be to be completely honest with her from the very beginning. Just tell her that you like her and she will probably find your honesty refreshing.

  1. Kind

Showing her that you are kind and gentle from the very beginning is a great way to begin. Girls love a man who can be slow, intuitive and a gentleman. If you are planning on winning out on Tinder, you will want to show her that sweet side you may be hiding back.

  1. Simple

Try not to overthink your moves. The best introduction is just saying something. If you aren’t sure, there is nothing wrong with a friendly, “Hi, how are you doing?” Keeping things safe and simple is often the best way to avoid doing or saying something that may put her off.