The ongoing global health crisis has disrupted the whole world and our daily lives. The novel Covid-19 Virus, commonly referred to as “Corona”, has sent shockwaves across the globe, sending nations and their entire population into lockdown. With no cure or vaccine currently in sight, people are being asked to practice self-quarantine at home and avoid stepping out for as long as possible.

This enforced “self-incarceration” has proved to be a tough one to follow for most of us. Accustomed to our daily lives and normal routines, staying at home for days and months at a stretch is not only frustrating but mentally taxing too. Thankfully, unlike older times where isolation meant despair and dismay, this time, we have tech to help us make it through these tough times. From digital services to gadgets and other tech services, there are a plethora of ways in which we can not only kill time, but also emerge more dexterous and resourceful from this tough period.

We now look the best tech innovations and services to ease those quarantine blues:

  1. Online streaming services: The emergence of online digital streaming and content playing platforms over the last decade has to be one of the biggest innovations in entertainment in contemporary history. Gone are the days where entertainment was limited to tuning into the television or making that long trip to the theatre. With the rise of online streaming platforms, all you need is an internet connection and you have access to all your favourite shows, movies and sports, all at once. With no investment in hardware and a subscription-based model that can be chosen flexibly, these platforms are now taking over the entertainment industry. The rise of “Netflix” is among finest embodiments of this phenomenon. With thousands of shows from all over the world, latest movies, original productions and films, millions over the world are now binge-watching platforms like Netflix. So, go ahead, subscribe, and Netflix-and-chill your way out of the quarantine.
  2. Gaming consoles: Among the biggest money-minting industries in the world, gaming is one category that transcends all ages and nationalities. With your favourite game letting you live out wildest action, adventure and combat fantasies, there are few better time-killing and stress-busting activities like gaming. With gaming freaks spending hours daily to ace their favourite titles, platforms like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo have now shot to global prominence. Titles like GTA, Call of Duty and God of War are now grossing billions of dollars in sales! With cloud-gaming platforms like Google Stadia also entering the segment, choices have never been better! Switch on that console, enter you favourite game and battle your way out of the quarantine!
  3. Online Shopping: No services has emerged to be a bigger life-saver in these times than e-commerce platforms. With majority of malls and local retail stores shut to prevent community spread of corona virus, e-commerce platforms have stepped forward to provide all you daily necessities and ensure that you never run dry during these difficult times. From groceries to medicines and house-hold supplies, all your needs from all lifestyle categories are fulfilled by these online shopping platforms. Simply log on to the platform of your choice, add your items to your basket and get them safely delivered to your home. With safety and security being made a top priority, all your items are sanitised and deliveries made “no-contact”. Try platforms like Noon and get your daily supplies and needs delivered to you in a trice. Shop aplenty and save big with Noon Coupon Codes.
  4. Covid-19 tracking apps: Governments all over the world are launching apps that help people stay safe and help them avoid contacting the infection. Working real-time by tracking the person’s real-world location, these apps lets users see those infected around them and alerts them if they risk coming in contact with someone who’s already been infected of who’s under self-isolation. Constantly being updated with data from health officials and hospitals, these apps are imperative and life saving for those emergency trips that we need to make for procuring essentials. Check your local authorities’ website and download the app designated for this purpose. Stay alert, stay safe!
  5. Online learning platforms: The world around us may have come to a halt, but that doesn’t mean the flow of knowledge must stop too. With offices and schools shut, and plenty of time on our hands, now is the perfect time to acquire knowledge and new skills that would help us advance in our careers and boost our academic and employment credentials. Platforms like EDX, CourseEra, DuoLingo and Udemy offer wide range of both free and paid courses that can be completed fairly quickly and certifications provided by some of the most well-known institutes and universities in the world. Elite universities like Harvard and Yale are also offering a wide range of free courses in this tough time. Roll up your sleeves, get your notebook and let the learning begin!
  6. Video Conferencing apps: Not limited to personal communication or entertainment anymore, the quarantine era has seen the emergence of video conferencing apps and how they’ve helped businesses and industries stay afloat during these most challenging of times. With real-time vide calling and an option to host multiple people at once, industries like IT, tech-support and logistics have managed to keep their work-flow going. Applications like Zoom, Google Meet and Hangouts allow more than 10 users to connect simultaneously and effectively hold meetings and discussions to keep the work flowing. Start-ups and small entities are particularly dependent on these apps, helping them organise and manage their employees and teams better.

No matter how to choose to spend it, you time in quarantine won’t have to be boring or taxing, thanks to gifts of new-age technology. Binge watch your favourite shows, enrol in an online course or just keep working from home, tech is here to make life easy and quarantine easier!