There is a lot of technology jammed into projectors it is very impressive. Projectors make it easy for you to view large screen projections portably without the hassle of a traditional television. Projectors use to be much  simpler, but like every piece of technology projectors have had a big improvement

Back in the day projectors use to be the only form of projecting images and “videos” as they came out in 1895 and televisions didn’t come around until 1927. They were just built with a bright bulb to be the projectors lamp and film from a camera. The light would go through the films and then the image would be projected onto the screen. 

Then it was upgraded with a spool and a motor for projectors to projecting videos. So the question is what is the modern day technology behind projectors?

Nowadays projectors are made to be much brighter with clearer projections with many different lenses, mirrors, and varius other parts to give out the best picture quality.

Most projectors consist of about 4 main parts. These are the light souce which is usually a projector lamp, mirror to move the light around through various different recreation devices, then you have the color wheel which can also consist of different mirrors specialized for the three main colors, blue, red and green. Then the last part is the prism, this is the heart of the projector as it directs the light all together and then out onto your screen. 

The technology is usually the same in all relatively cheap projectors, but once you start moving up in prices the technology inside one of these projectors. The main reasons that the price of some projectors is mor than otters is due to more components inside of the projector. For example many with more expensive projectors they often have many more lenses, mirrors, colorfilters and just about every other component. 


DLP Board

The DLP board is the motherboard of the projector. It handles all of the information needed to process the content you give your projector to project. It also handles how much light and any other aspect that may also need to be altered. 

DLP stands for digital light processing chip, and it processes how the mirrors move and many other things.


Projector Technology

Many projectors also use micro mirrors to perfectly divert the light and projection to become what you see on your screen. The projectors light shines through a prism to split the light into the different colors and then each color goes though a different path. 



There are many new and unique technologies coming to the projective space each and every day. Considering projectors have been around for over 100 years it is not surprising that they still evolving and taking inspiration from other industries to constantly adapt and conquer new markets. Demand for projectors has constantly been growing And hopefully this increase demand will add to the technology in projectors to make them more of a competitor to televisions