With our mobile devices becoming more powerful than ever and dedicated consoles seeing big changes too, gaming is more popular now than it has ever been before – much of this change has been largely in part due to different technologies that have made gaming more accessible and have changed many of the systems we rely on, but which are some of the most impactful changes in tech, and which may continue to push the market forward in future?

Displays have a huge impact – Whilst our modern mobile device displays are changing extremely quickly to pack in as many pixels as possible and to offer faster speeds as 120hz displays move into the mobile market, the wide variety in display types makes it difficult for some devices to keep up with HD, FHD, WQHD, and all the plus varieties too – it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what to aim for. As a more universal approach is settled upon, much like is being seen with 4K now, games will quickly conform to the tech around it.

Battery is important too – The Li-ion battery coming to mobile was a big game changer and allowed for the devices to rapidly change, but they have since become a bit of a crux in the design as new battery tech hasn’t changed all that much but is under more strain than ever as new hardware requires a much higher power draw – if gaming is set to move into the mobile space as many predict for the future, solutions will need to be found to expand battery technology beyond its current capacity to offer solutions for what many are finding to be a heel in modern devices.

Software improvements have had huge impacts – Changes in coding approaches and modern coding like HTML5 a few years back had made a huge impact on how some entertainment could be delivered, but other software changes have been just as important. Things like RNG software have helped propel certain games to becoming the most popular options on the market as different operators are growing their own services, with big intro offers like this wink bingo offer to get players started – and with the random number generator software being so important to these platforms, being already so heavily relied upon shows just how impactful the tech is.

As tech continues to move forward there will no doubt be big changes coming through too, and the keen eyed will watch how the changes impact different gaming opportunities, and how the developers will continue to implement big changes to ensure the best possible experience can be had across all platforms.