Tencent Games Released CROS Details at GDC 2019

Future of development of mobile games and eSports shown at conference

This year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco had some surprises as some of the big players in the software industry like Google entered into the gaming space. Of course, industry giant Tencent Games was present and showcased its Common R&D and Operation System (CROS).

Brief information about Tencent Games CROS

Tencent Games’ CROS keynote session talked about the CROS innovative technological solutions that help over 200 top mobile games in the world achieve success. It also included a high-profile case study of PUBG MOBILE. Insights provided by the case study revealed significant statistics on CROS products including WeTest, G6 (Game R&D Solutions), MTP (Mobile Tencent Protect) and Intelligent Network Optimization (INO), all of which are innovative technological solutions that have helped major titles like PUBG Mobile thrive in the game market.

Speaking of CROS products here’s some quick stats:

  • PUBG MOBILE supports over 30 million daily active users 24/7 lag free. This is possible via INO which is a network optimization and transmission support service designed specifically for real-time multiplayer mobile fighting games.

In other words, INO customizes Dual-Channel solutions enabling game data to transfer in the multi-link internal network transmission. In doing so, INO helps eSport tournaments to reduce the average latency by 90%+ and meet 99.9% of eSports industrial requirements.

  • In PUBG MOBILE, G6 technology supports player cross-continental distribution and game matches. Plus its a 24/7 non-stop global data storage function, which features less than 3 milliseconds result with over 20M data requests per second.

  • G6’s GVoice also provides a high quality voice service. It also showed the global connection ratio for PUBG Mobile which is over 99.8% and crash ratio below 5 out of 100,000.

  • WeTest used AI technologies to test the top 500 mobile devices which covers 90% of the game user base and was found to have reduced 90% of testing time and human labor for PUBG MOBILE. Thus enabling the team to quickly deploy a high-quality and smooth multiplayer environment.

  • MTP security provides anti-cheating systems for PUBG MOBILE. With PUBG so popular, it is obvious players will try to exploit the system. That’s why MTP constitutes the highest number of cheat tools available in a single anti-cheat tool. This has helped PUBG MOBILE to prevent cheat tool mutation and provided easy identification and quarantine for the hundreds of thousands of active cheating tools.

With Tencent’s integrated solutions and continuous development and support, CROS is able to provide the technological power, R&D and the solutions that will help developers provide best in class competitive multiplayer game experiences and this will go a long way to shape the future of mobile eSports. Tencent’s solutions allow global partners like Epic Games, Garena, Supercell to adapt and provide the best game experience in the largest, and ever-changing video game market ever seen.

Summary of Common R&D and Operation System (CROS)

CROS is a one-stop support system to mobile game development and operation. This seamless integration resulted in the development of tools such as WeTest and MTP. Quality Assurance, Technological Operation, Game Security and more. Put simply Tencent Games CROS provides an all in one solution to game developers, enabling them to develop games efficiently by using the tools to overcome obstacles such as testing, security, voice chat and network optimization. Being a partner of many world leading game developers, Tencent Games’ CROS system supports over 200 top-tier games titles including PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor and is committed to being a leader in digital entertainment technology.