Test of patience: parcel delivery in Corona times

The second lockdown in Germany due to the Corona pandemic is bringing public life to an almost complete standstill. Since retailers have also had to close again, people are shifting their shopping to the Internet. Online retailers are thus faced with a high rush, especially before Christmas, which they pass on to the parcel companies, who have to ensure that orders are delivered to customers on time.

In online retailing, the most accurate possible information about delivery times and transparent shipment tracking play an extremely important role for consumers. However, there is currently an increasing number of reports that the tracking information is not reliable and that deliveries are severely delayed. One reason for this is that supply chains are subject to more frequent disruptions due to the Corona crisis. Consumers therefore have to be very patient during these times, especially before the upcoming Christmas.

However, there are alternatives to the usual tracking services of the major parcel service providers. Here, for example, is to Lalamove live tracking. The following article shows which tracking system is currently proving its worth and is not only good for customers, but also for the environment.

The logistics start-up

An innovative logistics start-up is currently advertising that it knows exactly when a package will arrive at its recipient. But is this really possible?

Recently, the start-up Parcello published a Corona Monitor, which shows that the delivery of parcels in Germany currently works absolutely flawlessly. Delays in transit times are an absolute rarity. It is possible that there is not too much of a problem with the parcel delivery service, as is often assumed in this day and age.


The company’s Corona Monitor is a graph that updates automatically and displays the current average of parcel transit times obtained from shipment data in days. The shipment information that serves as the basis of the graph’s calculation is provided through Parcello’s app. After entering their shipment number into the app, users can immediately see at a glance which parcel service will be used to deliver their shipment and when.

The entered shipment numbers are then used to calculate crowd-based parcel data. With the help of forecasts supported by AI, the expected time of wine delivery can thus be predicted by the company.


Both deliverers and recipients benefit

This service brings great benefits to both the deliverers and the recipients. On the consumer side, customer satisfaction can be significantly increased by reliable delivery times. On the other hand, CEP companies can work much more efficiently, as the currently widespread home office working means that parcels can often be successfully handed over on the first delivery attempt. The number of shipments recorded by the young company through the current Corona Monitor is growing steadily – with an upward trend.


Incidentally, using the app not only benefits consumers who have been eagerly awaiting their order at home. The environment also benefits greatly, as Parcello plants a tree for every 10,000 shipments. In this way, the start-up pursues the goal of neutralizing the C02 emissions that result from the transport of shipments.