The 10 Best Websites to Watch Sports and NBA

The internet has made out lives so much easier. We are always connected to the world and never feel like we are missing out on anything. Whether we’re looking at the newest sports apparel from sites like Athletic Lift or on the edge of our seat watching the current sports game, we live in a world where we can (and want to) be updated instantly. This is why even the slightest of things can easily trigger FOMO which stands for fear of missing out and for good reason. There are an abundance of online options that we use on a daily basis to enjoy our time. One of the things that the internet has allowed us to do is watch sports live online. Every sports person can simply head over to any one of the ten websites in this post to watch sports and NBA. If you are interested in betting on sports, then you should check out 픽스터 as it offers sports enthusiasts with many options to win big.

Now, a busy schedule can easily keep you out of touch with what is going on in the world of sports and especially NBA which requires you to be glued to your sofa. Anyone who is a hardcore sports aficionado would find the predicament to be true. If one is not able to follow up on all the latest NBA, NFL, EPL, tennis or rugby action and end up missing late night games, then fret not. You still have the ability to take advantage of live streaming all the action on your desktop or mobile in full HD.

However, the internet is filled with hundreds and even thousands of dodgy websites that promise unhindered live streaming. So if you want to find a reliable source to live stream your favorite sports then go through this list of the best sports steaming websites. Finding a decent live sports streaming website might have been a tedious task, but this post has compiled a list of only the best websites. No matter if one wants to watch the latest Cricket Series, UEFA Champions League Knockouts or NBA Playoffs, this list will most probably come in handy for just about every occasion.


So, let’s get started.


This popular steaming haven for sports is just what one needs in their lives. Sports enthusiasts will find to be a treat. It has quickly risen to prominence as the premier destination for watching all the latest La Liga football action. It is from here that the website branched out to include a wide range of other sports.

Watch high-definition live steaming on as it offers an immersive experience wherein each sport is group according to its league and type. What more could sports loves ask for. Stay updated with all the latest NBA playoffs. Never miss a playoff ever again with with you. You can even choose to watch any specific channel. There’s even more, you even have the ability to record all of the matches and high-octane sporting action for later offline playbacks during your downtime.

There is also a platform on the website which allows you to be vocal about your favorite team, club or sport. Discuss on the hottest matches on the forum as just about everything is covered on it, from NFL to Hockey.

  1. Watch ESPN

ESPN is a name that needs no introduction. It is a name that has been synonymous with sports broadcast since the beginning of sports broadcasts and there is no broadcaster like it. ESPN offers one of the best free sports streaming websites out there. For starters, just about all the popular sports from across the entire world get live streamed on the website. Propelled by full HD playback for mobile and desktop, you can simply rest assured that you will always get to enjoy live enhanced streaming with ESPN.

With so many upsides, there is a downside to ESPN which is the fact that live streaming on Watch ESPN is only available for the United Stated. However, there is still lucky for those of you that are outside the United States as a VPN can be used to access the website live streaming. Using a VPN is extremely easy and there are plenty of VPN apps that are available for smartphones and desktops.

ESPN does not disappoint when it comes to providing sports fans with the best of experiences. You can be spoiled by the number of options and quality of sports videos on the website.


There is a reason why is considered to be one of the best free sports streaming websites out there. It is a website that is for all as it offers seamless live streaming in multiple languages such as Russian, Italian, Spanish and English. This means that the website is for everyone as it caters to a diverse global audience. Easily check the live score updates on the website to keep updated with the goings-on in a game or league without even having to actively watch the game due to time constraints or other commitments.

A great thing about the website is the fact that it has a user interface which truly complements an immersive viewing experience. New visitors can easily navigate to the sport of their choice for live streaming on the left side of the screen by simply clicking through the small icon category.

  1. Steam2Watch

Considered to be one of the largest live sports streaming websites in the world, Stream2Watch is just what diehard sports fans need in their life. Whenever other sites start facing any server lags, fans can be found surfing the website to find their favorite sports for live streaming. The website boasts a dark-clad user interface which is perfect for indoor viewing. However, the invasive pop-ups might be a dampener when it comes to Stream2Watch. But, it is definitely worth it.

Look on the bright side as you get to literally steam any sport of your choice right from the homepage of the website. Your favorite sport would be guaranteed to be on the website. Simply click on the Watch Now option to start steaming some of the sporting goodness that you need. On the plus side, there are multiple mirror links for each of the sporting event which makes up for all the shortcomings. The website is a must use for sports lovers.

  1. Boss Cast

Boss Cast is a new US-based website which is primarily fixated on sports such as American Football, Baseball, and Basketball such as the NBA. Now that does not mean that you will not enjoy live streaming matches of your favorite sport or league every now and then.

With a rather straightforward user interface, one can easily sift through the channels available on the website for live streaming on the left panel to check out the preview of the chosen channel right in the middle. Besides, there is even a provision for a chat box which allows viewers to read quirky inputs by their peers on the right side of the screen that will most definitely keep them glued.


SONYLIV is an Asia-focused website which has a robust streaming mechanism. It ensures that all the sporting action is presented to sports enthusiasts without any intermittent ads that disturb one from having the ultimate live streaming experience.

In addition, the website is devoid of a cluttered interface which makes is very easy to navigate for watching live streaming of your favorite sport. There is a lot more that the website has to offer. Stream a plethora of sports events for free on the website. Once, you start using SONYLIV, no other sports website would seem to offer you something similar. It truly makes a difference when it comes to its live streaming options and the absence of ads.


North American viewers seem to love this website. is massively popular in the region and it is only a relatively new sports streaming website which aggregates all of the important live sports events with just multiple links for watching ongoing sports events. However, the real novelty factor that makes the website stand out is its social element that is attached to the website.

The chat room is available right on the front page and it keeps users engaged with quirk inputs as they watch their favorite sports live and stay in the loop. A list of major sports streaming channels can be found on the right side of the website. It truly is a website that every sports lover should check out. There is no denying that it is one of the best sports websites out there.

Simply browse through the website and search for sports on the basis of category, country, leagues and more. There are so many options that you will always end up watching the best sports match.

  1. Hot Star

Now, if you are from the subcontinent which includes Pakistan, Nepal, India and Bangladesh then this website is truly gold for you. It works best in the subcontinent. Hot Star has established itself as one of the most famous platforms out there which offers live match streaming for different sports from all over the world. You get to take advantage of the high resolution video streaming on the website which is something that draws thousands of sports lovers to the website.

However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind and that is the fact that the free version of Hot Star that offers live streaming of sports is only available for smartphones and you would need to consider go premium in order to enjoy unhindered streaming experience for your desktop. It is worth it.

  1. is one of the best free sports streaming websites out there. It is a massive website where one can rely for streaming their favorite sports when other sites start to have server issues. First of all, offers streaming options for a ton of sports with multiple links that are available so that everyone can avail live streaming.

Furthermore, you can find live streaming options for your preferred sports right on the top right corner of every window, as well as when you navigate through the various categories for sports with ease. This website is a must-use for every sports enthusiast as it has got it all. Live streaming sports never got easier than it does with

A great thing about the website is the fact that it offers some of the fastest speeds out there on the internet. What this means is that whenever you consider live streaming your favorite sport, it would load at some of the fastest speeds. This will allow you to never miss a beat of what is happening at the match. Watch just about every sport out there on this website as it never fails to amaze and impress visitors.

  1. is a sports streaming website as you probably guessed it be now, to cricket as the name already suggests. Luckily, it does not only provide cricket for live streaming but it also provides live streams for other major sports too, such as baseball, motorsports, tennis, rugby, American football and soccer to name just a few of the sports.

However, you would need to be on the lookout for some of those annoying popup ads since is actually a free website that has embedded videos which are hosted elsewhere. Therefore, keep this in mind when you use the website and you will only be impressed by the website. Now, the ad blocker would not be able to get rid of some of the ads and it could get irksome. So, remember this when using the website.

Now, has a wide range of sports options for viewing and there are even sports which you might not heard of or could not find on other websites which would be found here. Therefore, make sure to give a try to stay updated with all the latest matches and never miss a beat when it comes to sports. Whether you want to watch the NBA or the football world cup, just head over to