The 4 most Popular Websites To Rent A Room Anywhere In the World

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Are you looking to rent a room?

Are you looking for pet-friendly space?

Are you on a tight budget for rent?

Then you must read this article to find out the top 4 websites to rent a room anywhere in the world.

So, let’s dig in.

Why Rent A Room?

It is a fast-moving world and people prefer to rent out rooms beforehand. People travel for leisure, work, study, etc. and they prefer to rent out rooms rather than go to hotels. Rooms are not only cheap but also give a homely feeling.

Room or apartment sharing is becoming a trend now.

You get a chance to meet people from all around the world and get exposed to different cultures.


Top 4 Rental Websites

1.   Craigslist

Craigslist serves 70 countries all over the world. It is not just for rentals but it is more of a classified ads website. You can find ads related to jobs, housing, for sale, services, etc. Many landlords put up rental ads because they can directly post ads without giving a broker fee. You can directly talk to the host and discuss rentals.

There are too many options for renting a room so go check out Craigslist.

2.   Airbnb

Another famous rental website is Airbnb. Airbnb brought up the concept of sharing/renting a room or housing space. Airbnb is well known in vacation rentals and available at most of the famous travel destinations. The website/app is user-friendly with all the relevant information. You can filter the type of accommodation, guest capacity, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, rating, price, etc.

Previous guests leave their feedback so you can check those too. You can even talk to the host for further details.

Check out rental at Airbnb here.

3.   Zillow

Zillow is one of the must-use websites if you are looking to rent out rooms. Apartment listings on Zillow are quite detailed. It recommends rentals as per your interest and tastes by using a built-in algorithm.

It has a scoring system; i.e. Greatschools rating, transit score, etc. which let the user know about the accessibility of such things in that area. One of the best things about Zillow is that it has its payment gateway through which you can make the payments safely.

Find out your perfect pet friendly rental place at Zillow.

4.   Nestpick

Nestpick is famous for study abroad furnished rentals. As a student, you don’t need to worry about furnishing your rented place as you can easily find one at Nestpick. Nestpick provides its services in more than 200 countries. You can even find a pet-friendly rental place as well as luxury apartments at Nestpick.

If you are a student then you should check Nestpick.


Similar to these websites, Rent Room is also one of the rental websites that offer not only rooms for rent but also the whole apartment/house. You can search and filter based on furnished or different amenities and areas. Rent Room operates in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

So, if you are interested in renting out a room, do check all the above-mentioned websites and get the most suitable room for you.