The 5 Best Apps For Digital Marketing

In the very competitive world of marketing, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Fortunately, there are many great tools out there to help you and your team stay on top of your game and play an integral role, helping you be more productive, efficient, and strategic.

Here are some useful applications for you from

1) Buffer

Buffer is one of the most well known social scheduling apps. Its main function is to schedule updates to multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. The app also allows follow-up with statistics on how each post performed. The newest version of the iOS app even allows for sharing and scheduling from inside other popular apps like Safari. Buffer currently offers a free subscription and four competitively priced plans: Pro ($15/month), Small Business ($99/month), Medium Business ($199/month), and Large Business ($399/month).

2) Hoot-suite

Hootsuite is another social media marketing app that allows you to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. While more expensive than Buffer it gives you more ability to plan at every plan level. Currently, Hootsuite’s free plan allows users to manage up to three social accounts, and schedule up to 30 posts at a time on your social media platform of choice. Payment plans start at $25 per month and allow you to add team members, schedule more posts, and manage additional accounts.

3) Facebook Pages Manager

Today Facebook is a huge monolith of content. However, with Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Watch, and the regular news feed all taking up space, it’s almost impossible to figure out how to keep on top of your Facebook business page. The Facebook Business Suite app allows you to streamline most activities that are part of managing a Facebook page. These can include posting, commenting, and liking, and also replying to private messages. You can handle page management controls via this Facebook app, change details, images, and even track statistics. Best of all the app is totally free to use.

4) Later

Originally launched as Latergramme, the Later app allows you to schedule and publish posts for Instagram at your own convenience. One of the most frustrating things about Instagram is the inability to post at a later time. Later takes away this problem by allowing you to post later (hence the name). Another great tool is the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place, You can source images from a library or even from Dropbox and Google. Analytics is easy as well with reports on user activity and hashtags. The Later app is free with limited use, and paid plans range from $9/month for a single account, up to $49/month for multiple user accounts.

5) Mention

Need to know what the internet is saying about you? Mention has got your back. An app designed to monitor social media, blog posts, and news sites, Mention will give you up to date reports on who and what is being said online about you, your brand, and anything else you want to know. You can link to social media accounts for easier access, as well as create customized statistics that matter to your business. For smaller businesses, a free plan will probably suffice, but there are also paid options starting at $25/month up to $600/month for large corporations.