Airbnb has changed the entire accommodation industry. More and more people have started to use Airbnb than ever before. It has provided property owners and people looking for more affordable alternatives to hotels with tremendous opportunities. Airbnb has become a household name throughout the world. It offers travelers with a wide range of accommodations as compared to hotels for much lower prices. The vacation rentals industry has experienced a boom and Airbnb is responsible for much of it. Besides, Airbnb plus offers a lot of the luxuries which one would find at a hotel and more.

Vacation rentals are the new normal and hotel vacations are the past. Get more out of your money by staying at an Airbnb home. The traditional hotel industry is facing severe competition due to the presence of Airbnb. Besides, experiencing a new place like a local is something else. People around the world have a desire to experience the lives of locals in different parts of the world. By staying at an Airbnb, they get to live with a local and are provided with great insights of the area so that they can make the most of their travels. Besides, the Airbnb cancellation policy is convenient and takes the needs of both the host and guest into account. Due to the success of Airbnb, a host of alternatives have also entered the market. This post looks at 6 main Airbnb competitors.


Chances are that you have already heard of It is a leading search engine site that showcases vacation rentals. With over 150,000 destinations and 8 million properties, offers a huge variety of accommodations to visitors. Many of the accommodations are offered for long-term purposes which is great news for those who are looking for a long-term accommodation but are having trouble finding a place to stay at. If you are in search of a vacation home away from home, then is just the place for you. Moreover, it even allows you to compare different rentals from various providers to find the best deal. Ever since its launch in 2009, has quickly gained popularity. It poses great competition to Airbnb.


Another popular vacation rentals search engine that has taken the world by a storm is Offering vacation rentals in more than 200 countries and boasting over 15 million properties, is the perfect place to look for a vacation rental. Users of the site get access to an unparalleled level of choice. There are over 300 providers that have been integrated into the platform such as Trip Advisor, Expedia, and Tech-savvy travelers rely on for all their travels. Properties can be quickly compared to find the best property. There are many features that users can use such as flexible date searching and smart filtering to identify the ideal vacation rental. The time-consuming and complicated process of finding a vacation rental is simplified by, so that you can find a property within minutes.

  1. Flip Key

Flip Key is one of the main Airbnb competitors out there. Trip Advisor had acquired it in 2008 and ever since, Flip Key has taken over the market for vacation rentals. Visitors looking for an international and domestic offering can be rest assured knowing that Flip Key provides the highest quality of service.

Airbnb is facing a tough time from Flip Key as the company has managed to attract adventure seekers from around the world. The property listings cover just about everything that visitors would want to know such as the amenities offered, the number of bathrooms/ bedrooms, and even a detailed description of the property so that anyone can easily determine the best place to stay. However, one should keep in mind that payment and cancellation policies depend on the property. Moreover, the parameters on Flip Key are extremely useful such as searching for listings on the basis of luxury, family-friendly, low-cost, or just about anything.

  1. Home Away

Home Away is just the site that travelers need to find a home away from home. It is a main Airbnb competitor and has been giving the giant a difficult time. All the basic information of properties can be found on the website such as the minimum number of days required, property description, images, number of bathrooms/ bedrooms, and available amenities. In order to complete your booking, you are required to pay an upfront fee of 10 to 50 percent depending on the property. Furthermore, the rental agreement would contain the details regarding cancellation and other important issues. Home Away has become a vacation rentals giant in a short span of time. Moreover, if you are a property owner, then you can earn a good amount of money from Home Away.

  1. VRBO

Another popular Airbnb competitor is VRBO which stands for Vacation Rental By Owner. It provides its users with accommodations worldwide. The property listings on the website contain crucial information that you might be looking for, from amenities provided to number of rooms, etc. Just like other types of vacation rental websites, VRBO has similar payment and cancellation policies. It is a leader in the market for vacation rentals. Moreover, the company is a pioneer in the field of vacation rentals. Although the number of property listings on VRBO is much less than Home Away, the interaction rate is much higher than other sites. Besides, it is a lot cheaper to book a property on VRBO.

  1. House Trip

Finally, House Trip is a name that is causing trouble to Airbnb. Although the site is relatively news as compared to others in the market, it has managed to establish a presence. House Trip is commonly referred to as the European Airbnb and for good reason. A great thing about House Trip is that it charges lower commission as compared to Airbnb. Hence, it has managed to capture the European vacation rentals market. Moreover, it is costs nothing to list your property.