The 8 Best Dog Toys

Are you looking for the best dog toys? Do you want to get an amazing toy for your fury buddy? Then, you have come to the right place because this post looks at the 8 best dog toys out there. There is no denying that dogs love toys just as much as kids do and toys can be used to educate dogs and help them develop their canine ability to play games, solve problems, be social, and just bond. Keep in mind that when on the lookout for a dog toy for your bundle of joy, you should consider their breed and age, personality, preferences, and mood that you want to create. The following dog toys are just what every dog needs.

  1. Kong Wobble Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

If there is one dog toy that every dog simply adores, it is the Kong Wobble Treat Dispensing Dog Toy. It is a basic, yet beloved dog-toy. The Kong Wobble Treat suits just about every pup and will keep your dog entertained for just as long as you want. The toy can endure the worst of wear and tear. It is available in a wide range of sizes. The reason why the Kong Wobble Treat is considered to be one of the best puppy dog toys is because of the fact that it can also be filled with treats. Thus, your dog will get a full meal while having some fun. It does not get better than this. The toy is made of rubber. Dog owners use the toy to keep their dog busy while they carry on with their day. The thing about this toy is that it is both an active and passive toy. It can either be filled or kept empty and your pup can bounce it around while bonding with you.

  1. Dog Frisbee

Many dogs simply love to run. Besides, exercise is crucial for your dog’s health. Hence, it is a great idea to get a dog Frisbee for your little pup. It is made for active dogs that have to run in order to burn off that excess energy. The dog Frisbee is made for being thrown and chucked. It has raised sides which allow even your tiniest pup to pick it up. Moreover, it also floats in the water. The dog Frisbee also has a glow in the dark feature which ensures maximum fun at night. Dog owners do not have to worry about the material of the Frisbee as it is made of flexible canvas material that is gentle on the teeth.

  1. Trixie Pet Toy

When you leave for work, it can leave your dog bored. However, with the Trixie pet toy, it does not have to be this way as the toy will keep your dog occupied while you are away. It makes for an idea toy for bored dogs. Besides, it is made of durable plastic and has a rubber floor grip. The Trixie pet toy is actually a game that has multiple drawers and compartments where you can hide food and snacks for your dog that has to figure out each piece for getting a hidden reward. Middle-aged pups tend to love this toy as they are great problem solvers.

  1. Automatic Ball Launcher

The automatic ball launcher is the ultimate gadget toy for your dog. It is a toy that will keep your dog happy and busy. Besides, it will give your arm a rest. Custom-made balls will be launched for up to 30 inches without you having to do anything. Moreover, it uses rechargeable battery which keeps messy cords at bay. The multiple throw setting is a favorite among dog owners.

  1. Paw Tug Toy

The paw tug toy is extremely fun and will keep your dog excited. If you are looking for a great tug toy, then the paw tug toy is just what you need to get for your dog. It is made of BPA-free plastic which makes it safe. The unique shape of the toy encourages dogs to play with.

  1. Snuggle Puppy Toy

Designed for nervous pups, the Snuggle puppy toy is a toy for passive pups that are not as social. It is common for new pups or adoptees to feel anxious about their new home and the best way to help them feel less anxious is by getting the Snuggle puppy toy. It is designed to mimic the soft heartbeat of a mother and provides the self-warming feature to ensure that your nervous pup feels comfortable. The toy is recharge and every charge lasts up to two weeks. It is ideal for new pups who do not feel at ease.

  1. Giggle Ball Dog Toy

The Giggle Ball Dog Toy is a favorite among dogs of all breeds. It is considered to be an addictive toy. However, no matter how much dogs play with it, the toy is extremely durable as it is made of strong plastic. A unique giggle sound is made every time your dog plays with it. Moreover, it comes with six pockets which make it easy for dogs to pick it up. Moreover, the toy is big and does not get lost. Many dog owners even had to take the toy away in order to get their dog’s attention back.

  1. Dog Activity Strategy Tower

Sometimes, your dog requires more of a clever toy to play with. This is why you should consider getting the dog activity strategy tower. It is designed for clever dogs that are always looking for ways to try out new things. Small treats can be placed in the cones and the dog has to go through the tower in order to get them. A great thing about this toy is that it is made to last. Thus, you can wash it in the dishware every time to keep it squeaky clean.


The 8 best dog toys mentioned in this post will get your dog excited. They make for the perfect dog gift.