Chinese astrology is unique in its way. It is a powerful ancient art that the Chinese have been following for many centuries. Its rules are quite simple. The main purpose of the Chinese horoscope is to help people achieve their goals through continuous advances and self-awareness of the mind and soul. By studying the Chinese horoscope, you can identify many crucial aspects of your personality and even destiny. Chinese astrology will allow you to understand your purpose in life. Just like the western horoscope, the Chinese horoscope tries to determine someone’s luck attraction, compatibility with others, likes and dislikes, career direction, health, and so much more.

The Chinese system is very intricate as it works based on your birth details (i.e. day of birth, the month of birth, and year of birth). According to the Chinese, an understanding of Chinese astrology is considered a gift from the gods. ChineseZodiacSecrets have been passed down from generation to generation since ancient times. Even in modern times, Chinese society strictly adheres to Chinese astrology and people still try to marry others based on an understanding of the Chinese horoscope. Millions of people across the country believe that it plays a huge role in their lives. This post looks at the basics of the Chinese horoscope.


Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese zodiac system consists of a twelve-year astrological cycle that is aligned with the moon and sun cycle. Five parts of the Chinese astrology cycle represents the five magical universal elements such as water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. These elements are considered a creation of the heavenly gods. It is from here that the Chinese horoscope cycle is derived. It is divided into twelve Chinese horoscope signs. These are represented by the chosen twelve animals as mentioned below in order.

  • Rat: The rat is the first trine and considered yang. It is represented by a fixed water element. Anyone who has a rat horoscope is considered shrewd, artistic, sociable, eloquent, charming, industrious, hardworking, sensitive, charismatic, meticulous, intense, tenacious, and forthright. However, such an individual can be intolerant, ruthless, overtly-ambitious, critical, obstinate, venal, mendacious, self-destructive, vindictive, scheming, and manipulative.
  • Ox: The ox is the second trine and is considered yin. It is represented by a fixed water element. Anyone who has an ox horoscope is considered tenacious, resolute, logical, modest, steady, conventional, hardworking, patient, born leader, methodical, calm, ambitious, and dependable. But, such individuals can be rigid, materialistic, narrow-minded, stubborn, and demanding.
  • Tiger: The tiger is the third trine and is considered yang. It is represented by a fixed wood element. Anyone who has a tiger horoscope is considered generous, humanitarian, affectionate, sincere, stimulating, vigorous, impulsive, daring, passionate, powerful, colorful, rebellious, and unpredictable. Such an individual can also be moody, aggressive, selfish, obstinate, quick-tempered, impatient, reckless, and restless.
  • Rabbit: The rabbit is the fourth trine and is considered yin. It is represented by a fixed wood element. Anyone that has a rabbit horoscope is considered astute, shy, self-assured, tender, thorough, artistic, cautious, reserved, elegant, amiable, soft-spoken, sensitive, kind, good friend, flexible, lucky, compassionate, and gracious. However, such an individual is also likely to be stubborn, opportunistic, self-indulgent, superficial, detached, and moody.
  • Dragon: The dragon is the first trine and is considered yang. It is represented by a fixed wood element. Anyone that has a dragon horoscope is considered to be loyal, generous, artistic, pioneering, decisive, passionate, fiery, intellectual, eccentric, dignified, direct, noble, proud, self-assured, strong, vigorous, stately, and magnanimous. However, anyone that has a dragon horoscope is also likely to be brash, impetuous, violent, dogmatic, intolerant, demanding, tyrannical, imperious, arrogant, and tactless.
  • Snake: The snake is the second trine and is a fixed fire element. It is yin. Anyone that has a snake horoscope is considered purposeful, constant, strong, calm, responsible, cautious, elegant, shrewd, prudent, creative, sensual, soft-spoken, graceful, mystic, wide, and a deep-thinker. However, they would tend to be cold, suffocating, mendacious, distrustful, self-doubting, hedonistic, possessive, bad communicator, and a loner.
  • Horse: The horse is the third trine and is a fixed fire element. It is yang. Anyone that identifies as a horse tends to be open-minded, flexible, astute, intelligent, magnetic, agile, talkative, perceptive, earthy, changeable, quick-witted, popular, and cheerful. However, such an individual is also considered stubborn, gullible, rude, anxious, childish, arrogant, and fickle.
  • Sheep: The sheep is the fourth trine and is a fixed fire element. It is yin. If you are a sheep, you will be considered someone that seeks security, generous, peaceful, mothering, understanding, compassionate, gentle, creative, artistic, shy, mild-mannered, sympathetic, sincere, and righteous. However, can be weak-willed, a complainer, over-sensitive, pessimistic, worrier, over-passive, indecisive, and moody.
  • Monkey: The monkey is the first trine and is a fixed metal element. It is yang. Anyone that has a monkey zodiac is considered intellectual, factual, objective, competitive, dignified, polite, artistic, sociable, self-assured, problem solver, innovative, flexible, inquisitive, quick-witted, improviser, motivator, and inventive. But, can also be suspicious, jealous, cunning, manipulative, deceptive, snobbish, reckless, selfish, arrogant, vain, and egotistical.
  • Rooster: The rooster is the second trine and is a fixed metal element. It is yin. Such an individual is responsible, scientific, practical, zealous, alert, perfectionist, critical, conservative, decisive, self-assured, organized, meticulous, neat, and acute. However, can also be given to empty bravado, opinionated, proud, abrasive, egotistical, puritanical, critical, and overzealous.
  • Dog: The dog is the third trine and is a fixed metal element. It is yang. Such an individual is easy-going, sensitive, affectionate, practical, moralistic, idealistic, open-minded, sociable, unpretentious, amicable, attractive, possessing a sense of justice, loyal, straightforward, intelligent, and honest. But, can also be quarrelsome, stubborn, worrier, pessimistic, judgmental, cold, lazy, and cynical.
  • Pig: The pig is the fourth trine and is a fixed water element. It is yin. Anyone who is a pig is intelligent, passionate, scrupulous, thoughtful, understanding, calm, sincere, trusting, hard-working, loyal, patient, peace-loving, sociable, sturdy, gallant, and honest. However, it is common for such a person to be materialistic, fatalistic, gullible, self-indulgent, over-reliant, and rather naïve.



In the Chinese horoscope, the animal signs are assigned a year. However, Chinese zodiacs are also assigned by the hours of the day and the month. There is a legend about how the 12 animals were selected according to ancient Chinese scripture. Moreover, the yin and yang complete the balance between good and evil on the planet.