YouTube channels that have a high number of views and likes are promoted by the YouTube algorithm and rank higher in search results. However today with tens of thousands of creators and millions of hours of video content on YouTube it is extremely hard for new videos to break through, especially if you are a newcomer. If your videos are not getting enough views and likes despite all the excellent content do not worry, there are a few ways to fix that. One of the easiest, quickest, and most straightforward ways is by buy youtube views and likes. Some people cringe when they hear this phrase however this is a pretty common practice even among the most established YouTubers and it can help you get the ball rolling and even go viral.

So, what exactly are the benefits of buying YouTube views and likes? Well first of all it creates what is known as the “bandwagon effect”. This means that Both in life and on YouTube people often make decisions based on how others have acted. When people are scrolling through their YouTube feed and they see a video with a large number of views it piques their interest. They assume that a video with a high view count is worth watching. And once they discovered your channel by clicking on one of your videos who knows, maybe they will be so entertained by your content that they will decide to stay, watch some more, and even subscribe.

In addition, a high number of users increases your search engine results page ranking. Around 70% of the time people on YouTube watch videos recommended by the YouTube algorithm. So by buying views you will be able to put your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Although YouTube is constantly fine-tuning the algorithm, user engagement is always one of the most important factors that determine how it functions.

Buying YouTube views also helps you get more organic traffic. Consistency is very important for increasing your search engine rankings, so if your channel ranks high a number of times with various videos your other video thumbnails will be shown to more people. Your content will also be recommended on other people’s watch feeds. Needless to say, this increases the reach of your channel and helps you attract more organic traffic.

Buying views also helps you stay competitive. Today everybody has easy access to technology which means that anybody can upload content to YouTube easier than ever before. So a creator needs to have a few tricks up their sleeve if they want to remain competitive in this saturated space. Buying YouTube views and likes is one of the ways you can get ahead of your competitors. And you can rest assured, many other creators are doing it as well. While the quality of your videos is ultimately what makes the viewers stay on your channel, there is no point in creating high-quality content if the algorithm doesn’t show it to people.

As well as all of this, buy views on youtube will help you reach your audience much quicker. This is a great advantage if your content is time-sensitive and relates to a certain event or holiday. Also, the video you promote could possibly snowball and go viral which would bring immeasurable benefits to your channel overall. So if you have created an amazing piece of content and you are certain that as soon as people see it they will love it why not give it an extra push and promote it on the platform? If your content is truly great then people who will see it might share it which will bring in even more organic views. And remember that once you upload your video to YouTube it will stay there forever, so even after 10 years, your viral videos will keep showing up in people’s recommendations and leading them to your channel and best site to buy youtube views.