Whether you organise events as part of your job role, or have worked in some capacity with events – you may have at some point considered event management. You’d also be forgiven if you don’t know what an event management company does or why you even need one in the first place.

Today, I’m going to take you through the unique perceived organisational benefits to having an event management company or individual and how it can drastically increase productivity and save time.


What is event management?

By its very definition, event management is the concept, co-ordination, budgeting, planning and management of all the people, teams and logistics that come together to create an event or occasion.

Organising an event can be daunting and can be pretty darn complex; the job requires a huge amount of administration work and attention to detail.


Here’s some benefits of using an events management company:


Saves a LOT of time

This is probably the biggest benefit of having a good event manager in that they save you an awful amount of time. Planning an event is extremely time consuming and can takes weeks, months or even years if the event is larger.

The success of every good event is reliant on keeping good time schedules and making sure people are working in the right places.

Chances are, If you’re running an event on your own, you don’t have all the skills required to plan an event and manage it accordingly. Having a team that is multi-talented in various different job roles makes events flourish and doing that takes time.


Insider knowledge

Having a seasoned event manager who’s ‘seen it all before’ is a huge bonus. When managing an event there will be hurdles that you haven’t considered and if you have an event manager that knows their stuff – they’ll be prepared for these hurdles.


Knowledge that comes with a well-trained event manager includes:

  • Knowledge of the best locations for events
  • Creative ideas
  • Logistic management
  • Multiple supplier information
  • Purchasing power – they know where to buy and for what prices.
  • Cultural understandings at different venues


Avoiding hidden costs

Event managers (good ones at least) will ensure that you keep to budget and can forewarn you of what would be otherwise unexpected hidden costs. A good event manager will ask questions to suppliers and venues that will ensure that you’re not stuck with a monolithic bill at the end with a myriad of different charges. Everyone likes to save money.


Know that you’re covered

Risk assessment at any event as well as health and safety is extraordinarily paramount and something that you cannot overlook. An event management team or manager will ensure that all of the paperwork for things such as this are covered. There is a LOT of paperwork that goes into events and having someone to guide the way is a huge benefit.


It’s just stress free

Okay, so hiring an event manager or team will cost money, but it also means that the entire process of planning an event is stress-free. Having the burden taken out of your hands to orchestrate a plethora of different tasks to make things work efficiently is satisfying – and even better still, I can pretty much guarantee in the long-run you’d save money on hiring a team than deal with costly mistakes from doing an event yourself.


Get training


There are a variety of different training courses available for those wanting to train up someone to be an events manager and this could be an incredibly worthwhile step for your business.

Here’s some great event management courses in London to get you started.