Rendering is basically the application of plaster to a cement wall to make it smoother and enhance the aesthetics. While rendering is a standard practice amongst construction site developers, the question comes down to whether it is actually necessary or not. 

There are countless services especially dedicated to rendering, such as Renderers Gold Coast. Such services plaster, paint and even texture the walls according to the client’s demands. They can be hired for new properties as well as renovations to old ones. 

Rendering can prove to be highly beneficial in the long term, even though it might just seem like an extra burden on your pocket right now. Here are some of the most important reasons you should consider rendering your property.


Provides a weatherproof coating

Without being rendered, the raw bricks that were used to construct the house will be exposed. These bricks tend to absorb any water from rain and weaken. It also leaves the inside of the house smelling unpleasant and creates a damp environment for bacteria and algae to grow. 

Most rendering services will provide long warranties on their services, proving the credibility of their services. Rendering your walls will make them waterproof and resistant to any harsh conditions. 


Give a uniform appearance to old and new parts of a building.

Many people choose to add extensions to their existing properties, whether it be houses or institutions that keep expanding like universities. Often, the two buildings are separate from each other and quite obviously look like they are different. 

No matter how much the structure resembles the original building, the new building will always look newer. For this reason, people choose to render the old and the new building at once. This makes them look identical, and anyone can hardly tell the difference!


It eliminates the need for paint

Previously, a house would be plastered first and then painted from head to toe. This made the process time-consuming and would keep the use of the property off for quite a few days. The overall costs would also prove to be higher, and laborers would have to work for a longer period of time. 

Nowadays, most types of renders come in various colors that you can choose from. Some services even let you choose custom colors. These renders are formulated to withstand the effects of UV rays, and thus the color doesn’t fade even after a long time. 



There is a misconception that rendering might prove to be expensive to get done for all its benefits. This is contrary to the actual case. All of the different materials needed to render a wall of around 1-meter square will cost you less than $15. This is much cheaper than any other alternative. 

And rendering proves to be quite low maintenance and long-lasting, thus making them cheaper both in short and the long term. 


Silicone and mineral renders are breathable

When talking about the “breathability” of a building, experts refer to whether the building material is able to diffuse humidity from inside the building to the outside environment. This is essential because if this humidity stays trapped in, it condenses on the walls and results in mold and algae, which are serious threats to health. 

Because of this, the rendering material must be able to “breathe.” Silicone and mineral renders are selected for humid regions where this phenomenon is likely. Both types are able to diffuse humidity out of the building.


The conclusion

Rendering is a better choice than standard plastering and painting procedures as it is cost-effective, lasts really long, provides protection from the weather, and can withstand UV rays, so the color doesn’t fade.