Are you looking for a currency converter? Are you tired of having to always switch from one currency converter to another just because that currency converter did not show all major currencies? Then this post is just for you. It looks at the best currency converters. Traveling around the world has become extremely common, especially with the relaxation of visa policies throughout the world. More and more people are traveling than ever before. This has led to an increase in the search for a currency converter.


So What Is a Currency Converter?

A currency converter is a lifesaver for many as it converts one currency to another. It allows users to determine how much of a currency is worth in another currency. Fast calculations are provided to users. Within seconds people can find out the amount of money they have in another currency. Let’s look at some of the best currency converters.

  1. MConvert

MConvert is one of the most popular currency converters out there. Ever since its launch, it has helped many people throughout the world determine the value of one currency to another. MConvert is an extremely useful tool. It is a very convenient currency converter that is available 24/7. Conduct quick and easy operations to find all currency exchange rates. There are two variations of the widget. One is the widgets is the WP currency converter widget to WP exchange rates widget and the other is the currency converter widget to exchange rates widget. There are different modifications and styles that are available for the widgets. They allow users to find all information that they require. MConvert can be used for just about every type of website. The converter also shows popular currency pairs table. There is information available for about over 190 world currencies and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there are history charts that are available. The history charts enable those interested in investing in currencies. It allows them to determine the patterns of a particular currency pair. Some of the popular currency pairs that are available on the website include the following.

  • USD/ EUR
  • USD/ JPY
  • GBP/ USD
  • USD/ GBP
  • BTC/ USD
  • USD/ CHF
  • AUD/ USD
  • EUR/ GBP
  • USD/ CNY

MConvert is available in all major languages besides English such as Russian, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Korean and other major languages. Starting as a small project, MConvert has grown considerably and quickly become one of the most popular currency converters. The reason for the website’s success is the fact that it has kept things simple and decided to avoid complicating the user interface. The minimalistic design, clear page view, intuitive usage and easily accessible information are some of the key contributors to its success. Users will not have any problems navigating and exploring the website. A wide range of currencies are offered. There are everyday data updates that are offered. The rapid responses and simplicity of the website will surely win you over. Furthermore, users also have the option to view information about cryptocurrencies.

  1. Currency Converter

Another great currency converter that is easy to use and that does not require thorough knowledge of currencies is Currency Converter. It has become of the best currency converters one would probably come across. It is a UK-based currency conversion website. It allows you to determine the real-time exchange rates. Users have the ability to convert a particular currency to any of the hundreds of other foreign currencies on the website. JavaScript snippets can also be added to HTML coding for sites. It allows the users to access the Currency Converter website easily. Real-time information is offered to users. There are automatic updates every 5 minutes. Other useful resources are also provided to users such as currency news, currency widgets, articles, currency tips and money transfer services.

  1. XE

XE is undoubtedly another highly popular global foreign exchange tool, which is used by people throughout the world who are looking for information regarding currencies. The platform is incredible professional. It is designed to function as an easy to use interface in mind. Perhaps, it is one of the most attractive features to users.

Besides just currency conversion, XE also offers other services like money transfer for subscribed users/ members. The website is used across all 6 mainland continents.

  1. OANDA

OANDA is famous for being one of the most reputed online currency calculators/ converters out there. It was launched in 1996 under the OANDA Corporation. Just like other currency converters mentioned in this post, OANDA also provides other services like money transfer besides just currency conversion to more than 160 different currencies. Other crucial Forex information is also provided by the website such as historical exchange rates and live exchange rate charts. Moreover, OANDA also provides trading opportunities such as a broker. Users can choose to trade in bonds, Forex, indices, metals, commodities and other instruments.

  1. Transfer Wise

Another great currency conversion website that has an appealing user interface is Transfer Wise. It is easy to use and also offers Swift transfer services. It means you can receive and send money. One can easily open a Transfer Wise account or using a MasterCard debit card, they can request for a Transfer Wise account. With the account, you can manage and hold your money in over 40 major currencies.

  1. X-Rates

Finally, another popular currency converter is X-Rates. A highly reputed online currency exchange website has taken the world by a storm, the currency calculator offers support for over 50 currencies. Other useful currency exchange resources such as monthly averages, historical analyses and graphs also provided as well. Users of X-Rates have access to rates for all major currencies from around the world. When you plan on sending or receiving money in a foreign currency, exchange rate information is vital. However, it can be challenging to find the right updated information. With X-Rates, individuals can benefit from accurate information. Hence, people from around the globe use it.