No matter if your home balcony is located in the sun or in the shadow – the ideal design can be found for every balcony variant, both in terms of furniture and plants, as well as decoration.

A maintenance-free aluminum balcony, for example, is the perfect basis for the balcony to become a real oasis of well-being and a place of retreat from the stress and hustle of everyday life. 

The following article gives valuable tips and provides great design ideas, with which the domestic outdoor area can be transformed into a true paradise in no time. 

The right balcony furniture

No matter how large – or small – the balcony may be, it is always possible to find the appropriate furniture.

Large balconies, for example, impress with their coziness when they are equipped with modern lounge furniture, whose soft cushions invite you to linger. Another option are seating groups with chairs and a large table that provide enough space to spend unforgettable hours with friends and family. 

Small, delicate furniture is also available for small balconies of city apartments. Particularly practical is, for example, bistro furniture, which can usually be folded when not in use.

In addition, all variants come along with a wide choice of different materials, such as wood, metal and plastic wickerwork. However, the final purchase decision should always take into account the individual care requirements of the different materials. 

Turning a balcony into a green oasis

Most people also do not want to do without lush greenery and lush flowers on their balcony. After all, even in a big city, these components create a real sense of nature. 

If you purchase this kind of decoration at a garden center, it is generally recommended to choose plants that already have some buds but have not yet developed too many full flowers. In addition, for a better growth, the plant should be completely immersed in water with its root ball before the actual planting. Besides that it is very important to use high-quality potting soil. In addition, it is also useful to equip the balcony plants with a water reservoir in the containers to prevent them from accidentally begin to wilt. 

For balconies, which lie most of the time in the shade, for example, fuchsias are extremely well suited. However, if their soil is provided with sufficient moisture, they can certainly be placed in sunnier places. 

In addition, the balcony can be equipped not only with typical annual potted plants and summer flowers, but also with numerous perennials that are hardy and therefore particularly practical and easy to care for. In this context, for example, ferns, fuchsias and begonias should be mentioned. 

That certain something: the decoration of the balcony

The desired coziness on the balcony is established especially by carefully selected decorative objects. For example, tea light holders, wall lamps or lanterns are quite popular, because the indirect lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere.

In addition, however, water bowls, from which birds can drink, or a table grill represent great decorative elements, which at the same time also serve a practical purpose. In addition, the balcony should not be without cozy textiles, which will provide a pleasant balcony experience even on days when the sun rarely appears. 


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