Are you looking for a good entry level digital marketing job? Let’s face it when it comes to selecting a job, anxiety, and stress are an integral part of the process. The same goes with digital marketing jobs, you are in search of the perfect fit.

When you are looking for a good digital marketing job, you want your skills to be properly utilized. At the same time, you want to get paid well too. There are many factors that you have to pay attention to. We often sit in front of the computer looking for the perfect job for hours. What happens? We can’t find the right job.

So, it is better to just focus on one most crucial thing rather than several aspects. For instance, for an entry level job, your focus should be on learning the skills instead of the salary you are getting or working hours.

There are plenty of job opportunities for someone who is just starting out in the digital marketing industry. In this article, we have listed the most common entry-level jobs you will come across.

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Digital Marketer

This is the most common job title and a perfect job for someone with no experience. What are the job responsibilities of a digital marketer? Basically, they are considered as digital marketing generalist. It will require you to change gears hastily. You will even be required to take decisions related to spending your time.

Though the duties might vary from company to company, it can include writing email newsletters, managing paid advertisements and suggesting partnerships with different sponsors.

You can easily find this job for a company who is creating a digital team or at a small start-up company.


SEO Specialist

Another most common job opportunity for someone starting their career in digital marketing is SEO Specialist. For those who don’t know, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is associated with setting up the website in a manner that it is easy for users to search for your terms related to your business.

An SEO specialist must have a comprehensive knowledge of keyword research. They should know how to conduct research and use it to form an effective strategy. A good SEO specialist should be knowledgeable about useful tools like SEMrush, MOZ and Website Categorization API  to monitor both on-page and off page optimization efforts. Since they will be using it on daily basis, they must be efficient in using the tracking tools.


Marketing Manager

Marketing manager, just like a digital marketer, has a wide range of job responsibilities. Again, it depends on the company you will be working with. In some companies, Marketing Manager and Digital Marketer have the same role.

However, a marketing manager will not have a focus limited to social media and content. Rather, they will be working on marketing campaigns. Their job duties might include managing ad campaigns, marketing projects with partners, and sending sales emails.

Additionally, there are different types of marketing manager. Email marketers and Campaign marketers. As the name suggests, email marketer works on email campaigns and communicates with customers. On the other hand, campaign marketer manages campaigns including sales campaigns.


Partnership Marketer

The role of a partnership marketer is extremely important for the company. This is because they will be making and managing strategic partnerships. Are you wondering what is it they do exactly? The responsibilities of a partnership marketer include a wide variety of tasks. It includes meeting with big names in the industry, talking with podcasters about an ad, or speaking at the conference about the products of the company.

There are two types of partnership marketers; influencer marketers and affiliate managers. Influencer marketers manage and work with social media influencers for featuring the company’s products in their content. While Affiliate managers work with people who earn a commission from the products of the company.


Content Marketer

Many people think that the responsibilities of a content marketer are limited to editing and writing. There is, however, more to it than people realize. They are also known as Content strategists and they focus on inbound marketing.

One of the main responsibilities of the content marketer is to grab the attention of inbound users and generate new leads. They are responsible for getting email addresses of customers. Mostly, content marketers will manage the content, such as downloadable whitepapers, multimedia content, blog posts, and eBooks.

Moreover, the content strategist is in charge of social media in small companies. The content strategist must be well-versed in SEO and should be good at writing and editing content.

The titles “Content Creator” and “Content Producer” are related to the Content Manager, but they just focus on content creation rather than strategy.


Social Marketing Manager

People perceive that a social marketing manager will only check Facebook or Instagram. Fortunately, they do more than just checking social media accounts. They will have to come up with a strategy focused on improving engagement with customers on all social media accounts and ways to boost the growth of your business.

The social media manager will be working closely with content creators, ad managers, and designers. Their aim is to promote the content that will grab the attention of the new customers. They should also build trust through the posts to ensure customer loyalty.

A related job to social media manager is “Community Manager”. The only difference is that the Community Manager will be focused on keeping the customers happy rather than attracting new customers.

Therefore, with this guide, you know top entry-level jobs a digital marketer can get. For wonderful job opportunities, take a look at digital marketing jobs. There are many jobs available for someone starting their career in the digital marketing industry. You just have to make sure you get a job that will provide you a chance to learn new skills so you can use them to advance in your career.

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